Incentives for Early Reading

We all know that the habit of reading is a great stimulus to creativity, imagination, intelligence and verbal ability and concentration of children. Furthermore, we are also aware that the books should be present in the daily life of children, just like their toys.

The book provides many benefits for children. Books are important, but the act of reading, if possible every day, is what will bring your child to this corner so exquisite that is the adventure of knowing, of knowing and discovering. Furthermore, if parents and parents share time reading a book with children will be establishing a special bond between us.

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When you start reading to children?

The interest in reading must instill a baby from the crib and try, with persistence and dedication to become a habit. It is essential for children to learn to seek knowledge by reading from an early age. Children should hear stories as soon as possible . It is also recommended to do so with discipline, i.e. having fixed an hour a day to do it, it becomes a habit. Could be when sleeping, or after a meal. No need to wait for a child to read so he can have contact with books.

There are books for all ages. Books only with images, so parents will indicate the name of each image and doing with the baby repeat, there are books with vocabularies, i.e. besides the image also named below it, so baby go visualizing the letters and words. And books with text and illustrations for children who can already read. Parents should value the time of reading for children. Rate and diversify the subjects talking about them with the children, encouraging all kinds of book, be it material (fabric, cardboard, plastic, etc.), and assess the time children spend reading.

The benefits of reading to children

Proceeds from the book for children is incalculable and for life. Bring the child to want to read, to seek knowledge, to enter the world of art, drawing and image through illustrations. Increases listening skills, develop their critical sense, the variety of experiences, and make alternatives for fun and pleasure for him. By the way, the child learns to easily translate words into ideas, imagine what has not seen and makes you get dive into the emotional state of the character, feelings proving the danger, mystery … The child cries sports through books. Apart from this, the child learns values ??common. The child develops consciousness knowing itself, forming criteria, without counting that helps you write better and interact socially.