Individual Speech

Sourcing of applicants and evaluating of recruitment in meeting Do you know our company facing the demand of manpower? In recent year, our company faces the shortage of front line staffs. We should relieve shortage of manpower that we will recruit 50 of the front line staffs including 5 of the front line managers in order to solve the problem of the shorthanded. I would talk about three different recruitment channels employee referral, advertisement and employment websites to source of candidates. First is employee referral.

You can find your friends, business colleagues, employee o apply the jobs. We have a cash bonus around five hundred dollars to one thousand dollars that is given to employees who find new employee and the new employee is successful on the job in two months. You should make sure them know the skills and competencies you are looking for and have a good understanding of the type Of person who will fit in with the work culture. This source has some advantage including low cost per hire, high-quality hires, decrease hiring time. Therefore, we Advertisement in newspaper Second is advertisement in newspaper.

Which is a convenient way to attract bob applicants is to place an ad in newspaper. You should make a good advertisement to attract candidates to apply. You should post in South China Morning Post. If the good candidates you locate via this method may be sending applications to a number of sources, it is important to interview the better applicants as quickly as possible. It is equally important to make decisive choices as soon as you have interviewed and evaluated the candidates. Let’s do a good newspaper advertisement. Employment Websites Third is employment websites.

As job boards and database repositories of bobs and resumes to become fully featured recruiting and screening centers. Posting jobs on general employment websites such as Monster Hong Kong. We canoe can pay a fee to employment websites, it provides service like target advertising. It is quick and effective way of matching potential candidates. Website recruiting fast follow-up because potential candidates typically apply to many other websites and job ads. To Sum up, we can use employee referral, advertisement and employment websites to source of candidates. As a member in A, we are fighting together. Try your best to do it.