Informative Speech Outline

How to Get Your Scuba License Speaker: Katie Loping Specific Purpose: To inform the basic fundamentals on how to get your scuba license Introduction: 1 . Attention Getter: Have you ever wanted to visit outer space? Well the closest thing Eve ever experienced as an equivalent to outer space was scuba diving in the ocean. Every creature and specimen you encounter feels as though you were the first human to lay eyes on it. The flash of colors from fish dashing by will keep your head spinning and capture your curiosity. 2.

Central Idea (Thesis Statement): The recreational activity of scuba diving and the basic procedures on how to get your license, really benefit in ways of learning about the ocean and learning about yourself. 3. Credibility Statement: I earned my scuba diving license in the summer of 2013. I was trained through the ANNA certification process at Ocean Gear Scuba Center and did a total of nine dives. I passed the written test and all the basic safety procedures. I spent three nights and four days off the coast of Catalina and Santa Barbara Island with a group of peers and instructors. 4.

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Preview of Points: Today I would like to talk about the different systems you can go through to get your certification such as NANJING and PAID. The different types of scuba diving such as, deep dive, shipwrecks, caverns, ice, advanced, drift, live board, night, technical, wall, and treasure diving. Lastly information about benefits of scuba diving. Body: I. Main Point: First, will begin by discussing the basic steps of how to choose which diving system to take. 1 . PAID (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the largest scuba diving training organization.