Informative Speech Outline

Purpose: As a result of my speech, the audience will be able to define the best go-to spots of the upstate. Central Idea: With the rate that Upstate, SC is growing, it is important to keep up; Greenville offers many great affordable options. Introduction l. Greenville, the heart of the Upstate, is ranked 5th most fun and affordable city in the US and number 1 micro-city of the future in the Western Hemisphere. It’s also the 9th fastest growing city in the nation (One). It’s important to be able to keep up in this fast-paced environment. II.

While Greenville is being nominated at every turn, it’s easy to see the beauty in the upstate of SC. Ill. Going out can get very expensive. Especially when there are kids involved. Most of these go-to spots are family-friendly and free. ‘V. I have lived in the upstate all my life and even performed at the venues. V. The best spots in the upstate that we should all go to can be divided into these three categories: A. The Great Outdoors B. MusiC C. Theatre Transition: Let’s cover some of the best of the Great Outdoors! Body l. The Great Outdoors A. Estate Falls (Twin Falls) A. L.

A forty-five minute ride from Greenville will set you into the scenic views past Pickers, SC. Once you approach the Road Kill Grill, you’ll know you’ve only got about 10 more minutes until you run out of road down a gravel path to a parking area. These twin falls are only a short hike from the car. A. 2. Seventy-five feet of waterfalls cascade down onto a huge slab of natural granite. You can scale the falls for an intermediate hike (at your own risk) for an incredible view from above the falls. A. 3. Once you’ve reached the top, hiking trails disperse and exploration is a breeze.

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B. Swamp Rabbit Trail 8. 1. 18. 6 miles of paved surfaces for cyclists and rubberier surfaces for runners, this trail ends on Cleveland Street at Greenville Tech and extends all the way through the beautiful Farman University campus to Travelers Rest (Swamp Rabbit Trail). 8. 2. Family friendly and a safe transit as there are no cars allowed. Transition: Now let’s talk about music. II. Music A. Downtown Alive A. L. Every Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 during April through October, people gather at N. Main Street to hear local artists with varied sounds. A. 2. Family friendly and free.

B. Main Street Fridays offer free music from local artists bringing sounds such as Jazz, blues, oldies, and soul. C. Rhythm on the River C. I . Larrikin Rhythm on the River features four big shows during the Summer months. C. 2. Shows focus on beach music brought to us from original regional artists. C. 3. Proceeds go to locally-based children’s charities Transition: Moving on to Theatre: one of Greenville best kept secrets. Ill. Theatre A. Comedy A. L . Coffee Underground brings local talent to the stage for open mimic night. This event is every Monday night and is free. A. 2.

CafeГ© and Then Some is a comedic inner theatre priced at an $18 admission fee. Eat dinner and watch “Fifty Shades of Grumman” for a limited time only. B. The Warehouse Theatre 8. 1 . “Intense, intimate, and unexpected theatre. ” (Warehouse) 8. 2. Hamlet performed in Falls Park at pm Thursday s through Sundays for free C. Moonlight Movies C. I. Classic movie series on Wednesdays in May and September. C. 2. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and coolers, too! C. 3. Free event, starting at 8:30 Transition: Let’s finish up! Conclusion l. Greenville has an innumerable amount of accolades, and it’s easy to see why.

II. Greenville offers so many options at an affordable cost. Ill. The best go-to spots in Greenville can be divided into these categories: A. The Great Outdoors ‘V. With the upstate growing so quickly, go out there and discover the next best go-to spot! Works Cited One. 4240 Architecture. N. D. Website. June 16, 2013. Www. Inconvertible. Com/ index. PH “Swamp Rabbit Trail”. Trail Link. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. 2012. Website. June 16, 2013. Trailing. Com/trail/swamp-rabbit-tram-trail. Asps Warehouse Theatre. Which. N. D. Website. June 16, 2013. Www. Warehouseman’s. Com