Informative Speech Outline

Tattoos have been around for many centuries but have changed over time in many different ways. Thesis Statement: Whether it’s to symbolize a loved one, or to cherish a fond memory, tattoos are more than a statement piece, they are a piece of art that require a certain skillet, attention to detail, and knowledge of proper sterilization techniques. Body: Tattoos are an ancient art that have developed and continue to develop every single day.

With advancements in technology, ink, and new equipment,artists are practice g the art of tattooing in new, innovative ways and evolving their personal styles to create a more diverse range of tattoos available today. A. From Native tribes, to markings used to represent prostitutes carrying certain diseases, tattooing was used for a variety Of different markings depending on the culture Tattoos were also used to mark a pregnant woman’s belly and marked along her inner thighs to show she was bearing a child.

The application process of getting a tattoo is more than just sitting for an ext ended period f time, there is preparation and setup that must be done before the stencil is even applied. A. Pain factor plays a huge role in tattoo placement, especially when it comes to the size of the tattoo. 1 . The most painful areas to get tattooed are the ankle, spine, and ribcage. So me of the least painful are the stomach, buttocks, thigh and shoulder. This also varies b twine men and women with different degrees of skin sensitivity.

B. After consideration of placement, the tattoo artist must begin to prep their station and their client’s body for the tattoo. The area is rubbed down with rubbing alcohol and shaved With a disposable r Azores if the tattoo is being applied in a place where there is a lot of hair. 2. The design is then transferred to the skin with thermal paper and checked for placement. 3. The artist will begin to fill ink caps with outlining ink and begin assembling the tattoo machine with new sterile equipment 4.

Lastly, the tattoo artist make sure to have clean latex gloves on and the ask in coated with a thin layer of petroleum to keep the line work smooth and consistent w hill the outline is being applied. Ill. The third point I’d like to draw attention to is the importance of sterilization All tattoo equipment that enters the skin or bloodstream has to be sterilized t oh high sterility assurance level otherwise known as a SAL to prevent infection and contamination. 1.

Sterilization is the ultimate process of killing all life. 2. Sanitation and disinfection kill partially and selectively depending on the meet odd used. B. Autoclaves are the biggest most popular way of cleaning and sterilizing that o equipment. 1. The autoclave works in a two Step process. Contaminated equipment is put the rough the ultrasonic and then transferred into the autoclave. 2. Pressure and heat kill microbial bacteria that is left behind after the ultrasonic treatment. . Equipment must be packaged properly and the autoclave must be tested free intently to ensure sterilization. C. Chemicals and Boiling are two alternative methods to autoclave cleaning, b UT they aren’t nearly as effective at removing all the bacteria and aren’t as widely used a the traditional autoclave. Conclusion: When deciding whether or not to get a tattoo, it is always a good idea to know hat exactly getting a tattoo consists of.