Inspiration My Ass

Often, it starts as a rocky dirt road that forces me to clench my teeth as drive on it due to the fact that cannot stand to hear the pebbles being kicked up against my cars painting. Feel the steering wheel vibrate in my hands as I ride over the bumps of self- censorship and the shifting of my equilibrium as I swerve to avoid the potholes Of self-doubt. “Left turn ahead,” says the GAPS Of my subconscious. Unsure of where it is taking me, or who punched in the address, but I blindly follow it. Even though it has led me down several dead ends and through a few rough neighborhoods, still trust this internal GAPS ninety-nine percent of the time it leads me to where I need to be. Just then, the automated female voice calmly states ‘You have reached your destination, 1001 Discovery Lane. ” I jump out of the car and something beautiful catches my eye, something I would have never found had I not ventured on this journey, an idea!

I am not always inspired to write; however, usually the recess of writing leads me to inspiration. When it comes to writing, I cannot wait for inspiration. Am unable to sit around hoping the clouds part with a muse descending from heaven ready to bestow brilliance upon me with just a simple touch on my forehead. Being a standup comedian and comedy writer, people always expect fresh content and original ideas from me, so have no time to wait around for inspiration. A lesson have learned along the way, to deal with this lack of creativeness, is a process others have called freestyle writing.

I pick up a pen and a piece of paper and for twenty minutes, write. This process has led me to come up with copious ideas for jokes and comedy sketches, a number of which have been featured on popular comedy websites such as Foundries. Com. The freestyle writing method gave birth to these ideas when had no inspiration at all. In Maxine Haircloth’s paper, How Effective Writers Behave, the twelfth example she gave was, “Effective writers trust their intuitions and their subconscious minds. Allowing my subconscious to run free is vital to the freestyle writing method, specially when am not certain of what to write. I will jot down whatever comes to mind, even if the sentences, which follow one another, are contradictory and not cohesive. It is paramount to not disregard any thought, no matter how absurd. When write that idea down, it is now freed from my mind, and this allows another idea to come in its place. It is imperative that not censor myself during this process and that I keep my mind open and free of negativity; this is the only way to continue to stream ideas from my subconscious.

I must remind myself that at this stage of my writing, am not trying to be hilarious or profound, only to write down those ideas that come to me. I find that usually within 3-5 minutes of free style writing, a series of ideas or a story begins to emerge. Plenty of people believe you come up with ideas, and then write; however, find that you come up with ideas when you write. Harrison also states “Effective writers recognize that writing is generative: they expect to get new ideas and additional insights as they write. In the past, I have used the freestyle writing method to generate little topics and story outlines where I could go into further detail and find additional connections. During one session, I wrote: ‘Working out is hard. ” Once I had this premise, decided to delve deeper and along the way, composed this joke: “Working out is hard. I just finished day two of APP-X. I did day one last week. No one told me puking was one of the exercises. ” I would never have come up with this joke had not began to write further on the subject of working out, and explore other ideas on the topic.

Even when m clueless, the process of writing helps me find my inspiration. The freestyle writing method allows me to begin writing even when I am at a loss for inspiration. By possessing an open mind and freely writing down all the thoughts that stem from my subconscious; I am able to generate a variety of topics, ideas, and stories. I can then pick out the ideas that appeal to me most, begin developing them and follow where else they may lead. Writing can be compared to driving; the only way to reach your destination is to hop in your car and hit the road.