Interesting Facts About Me

y favorite food is pizza. Have traveled to 5 different countries around the world. Can ride almost anything with a “board” at the end of its name. Love to collect weapons love to pull pranks and scare people. Love country music. Am not sure what I want to be when I grow up. My favorite car is a black 1977 Pontiac fired trans am. Have little interest in post-secondary education. The most expensive thing I ever bought was a 600 dollar bike. Have no pets. Things that bug me

There are a lot of thing that bug me so let’s start off with the thing that bugs me the most and that is my sister. She and I have been bugging each other since she was 3 years old constant fighting over toys, TV remotes, gaming consoles, Christmas gifts or just plain fighting, and so on. Another thing that really bugs me is when can’t hit the ball strait In golf just makes me want to break something. Wi-If disconnects are a major pain in the you know what especially when you’re playing Oxbow and you’re in an online session with your rinds and for no reason you just lose your connection.

Also lag is an issue sometimes on Oxbow live it really just ruins your gamely experience because when there is lag most times the server host will leave the game and then you have to wait for the server to connect to a new host so that really bugs me. Another thing that really bugs me is beginners luck or getting beaten at sports by someone you don’t like. Something I really hate is having to replay missions in a game until you beat them after about 20 tries you start feeling the rage.