Interview Background

Janice do you want me to start to put this info into the Drexel University Mission Janice, I put both mission statements for you to look at. The mission of the organization usually drives the company and think it could add to the presentation. What do you all think? If you agree, which one? Our Mission Drexel University fulfills our founder’s vision of preparing each new generation n of students for productive professional and civic lives while also focusing our collective expert ties on solving society’s greatest problems.

Drexel is an academically comprehensive and glow ally engaged urban research university, dedicated to advancing knowledge and society and to pro viding every student with a valuable, rigorous, experiential, technologist’s education, enriched by the nation’s premier cooperative education program. M. D.

Program Mission Statement Drexel University College of Medicine delivers innovative biomedical education n in an environment that embraces inquiry and collaboration, founded on excellence in patient care, an d based on a culture of, and respect for diversity. These principles are built upon the College Of Medici see’s legacy of a firm commitment to meeting the healthcare needs of the communities in which w e live and work.

Drexel University employees over 5,000 employees comprised of faculty, proof seasonal staff, full time, part time , temporary and student employees There is not an established Human Resource Development unit however the, the Learning and Development team of the Human Resource Department is charged with c monuments of HARD functions-roles including: This interview was conducted with the manager of Training and Development apartment Of Drexel University which is also responsible for a large part Of H RD functions.

The team articulates its main purpose as: ( is this the scope of the functions?. That is what we should be identifying according to the instructions. Can we describe the scope of the function? ) “To collaboratively create a positive, productive and engaged culture at the in dividing, group and organizational levels within the University. As both adult learning experts and internal consultants, we partner throughout the university to build capability and fee Tivoli manage change and complexity. It does this through the Design and facilitation of retreats, meetings Collaboration on improvement projects; Consul Taxation regarding organizational change or complex dynamics. Ill. Professional development courses and workshops, Assessing learning needs Collaboratively planning and executing on a variety o f strategies to leverage strengths and increase effectiveness and productivity.