IntroductionC.E work on the project during my engineering

IntroductionC.E 3.1 I
have carried out the project during my engineering studies to use my
engineering skills and knowledge and to describe my roles and responsibilities
and designing skills.  Dates:  July 2008 – Oct 2008College:
Nehru Technological University (JNTU)Place:
INDIA.Project Name: Data Transfer between PC and LPC2148 Controller Using
Optical CommunicationsRole
in the project: Student
TraineeProject Guide: Aqueel Ahmed (Associate Professor )BackgroundCE 3.2 Nature of the Overall Engineering Project As
a student trainee, I need to work on the project during my engineering studies
to exhibit my theoretical knowledge into practical. Thus, I have selected Fiber-optic
communication technique in order to transmit the data from one place to the
other sending pulses light via an optical fiber. It operates through creating the
optical signal using transmitter and transferring with fiber, and then receiving
the same and changing over it into an electrical signal.CE 3.3Objective of the ProjectThe aim of the project was
to transfer the data between PC and microcontroller Using Optical Communication.
CE 3.4Nature of your Particular work areaMy nature of
the area over the project was to plan, design and monitor the entire project. I
was responsible to maintain the whole project from start to end. I was associated
with my second team member while executing the project. Besides, I have
referred to my engineering textbooks, online materials, engineering websites
for gaining in-depth knowledge on the project as well as to upgrade day to day
on new technologies. CE 3.5Organizational
Structure Chart: 

of the Department ((Electronics and

Project Guide (Associate

Team Member 2(Myself)

Team Member 1


CE 3.6Statement of Your Duties: 1.      Responsible to focus more on
Data Transfer between PC and LPC2148 Controller using Optical Communication.2.      Responsible for research or
investigate on Fiber-optic
communication technique to transfer the data. 
Responsible to design both transmitter and receiver sections
using PCB board. 4.     
Responsible for applying my engineering knowledge during the
execution of the project. 5.     
Recognizing problems and trouble shoot them within the
stipulated time.  6.     
To simulating the design into a project.   

Personal Engineering ActivityCE 3.7Technical Details of the workTo start the
project, all I needed is technical details, components, procedures, planning,
and software and hardware components. I have first chosen the project and
discussed with team for further details. I had in mind to engineering journals
and textbooks for acquiring knowledge on the project. After a brief study, I
drafted the project document including planning, analyzing, gathering
requirements and implementations. I submitted the draft to our head of the
department for approvals. Once I received approvals, I started the work aiming
to develop the project.    CE 3.8 How you applied your engineering knowledge and skills I have
applied my engineering skills and knowledge while designing the circuit board
of transmitter and receiver sections. I used following components while
designing the Transmitter part such as PC, MAX 232, Optical driver CRT and
Optical fiber cable TX.   Block Diagram:

          Designing the transmitter
using above components was my major task in this project. I have designed the
board using LPC2148 controller first. Here information exchange among PC to
controller utilizing fiber optic communication as a part of different
applications. I used MAX 232 to RS 232 logic convert and then converted to TTL logic;
afterwards an optical transmitter circuit was utilized to transmitted
information by means of cable. In the optical transmitter circuit, I have fixed
LED and coordinated through cable and then connected to MAX232 which is
concerned about the PC. Next, I have used an optical receiver circuit at the
recipient end where the information gets utilizing and a MAX232 and a photo
diode to change over TTL to RS 232 at the controller side (LPC2148).CE 3.10 Designing of ReceiverI have designed the board using Microcontroller LPC 2148, Optical fiber cable
RX, Optical fiber driver, Reset, crystal, Contrast and LCD. For designing, I
used fiber optic and arranged the system to
transfer the data. I then connected the fiber optic cables to provide higher
speed and to carry larger information. I attached LCD to check the status
instantly. I have designed the board using all components and fixed on PCB. My
engineering laboratory knowledge helped me while designing the circuit board.

CE 3.11During the designing the
stages, I have taken care of every component and fixing on the board. Then, I
have checked the working operation. I used two power supplies such as 5V for modules and 3.3V for
controller. I used 7805 3- terminal voltage controller for direction of voltage.
I used Scaffold sort full wave rectifier to amend the output of optional of
230/12V transformer.In this project, the information is transmitted from a
microcontroller to remote PC by means of fiber optic cable utilizing RS232
correspondence. On transmitter side, I interfaced PC to MCU utilizing MAX232 to
enter the information. On the receiver side, 16 X 2 LCD was utilized to show
the information. Then, I made optical cable filaments lesser and lighter than
regular cables utilizing copper wires for transmitting the information amongst
PCs and for conveying sensitive information. CE 3.12 Software OrCAD: I used software tool suite for electronic design automation
as well as OrCAD Capture CIS for circuit schematic capture. Keil Micro vision: I used this µVision
software to write embedded program which is easy to create. I first installed
the software in my PC and created an icon on desktop.  After writing the program, I have first created
a project and then selected the target from database and then set up in the settings.
Next, I created the source files in assembly c language and built application.
I then checked the errors and fixed the debugs. Finally, I tested the linked
application. CE 3.13The tasks delegated to you and how did accomplishThe task delegated in this
project to me was proceeding to Download Hex File into MCU. To accomplish this task, I
first interfaced RS232 cable among PC serial port and board. Then, I supplied
power towards the board and checked for LED status whether it is ON or OFF. I
here set the jumper in ON state and I configured the values into program.  Then, I had Set
Crystal Oscillator with frequency related with the board and set the frequency
as 12. I then pressed the switch of ISP LOAD and RESET on the board for resetting
MCU. Then, I verified
after programming and selected HEX File. Finally, I clicked “Start”, Program
Flash Magic and downloaded data into MCU instantly.  In this case, I observed final outputs on the
Status Bar.  CE 3.14Any particular technical
difficulties/problems and how you solved themI faced difficulty while designing
the transmitting section as I missed the component.  Firstly, I do not know the exact issue of inoperable
circuit board. To overcome the problem, I initially checked the entire circuit
and turned the power switch ON but data is not transferring to controller. I
then thoroughly checked the circuit board and found that the issue was that I
missed to fix the optical cable. Therefore, I immediately fixed and adjusted the
cable in to the board. Then I ensured the working process was fine with
allowance of transferring the data.  CE 3.16Strategies devised by you including any
original or creative design work 1.     
Creativity skills and my original design work
skills helped me to design the both transmitter and receiver circuit boards.  2.     
Soldering all components in to the board
which showcase all my original design work in this project. 3.     
Showcased my proficiency while accomplishing
my delegated tasks and while overcoming challenges.   4.     
Achieved effective outcome and received credit
from project guide and head of the department. 5.     
Participated actively with team members and
created a healthy environment. SummaryCE 3.17 Overall, I have designed and implemented the PC to
microcontroller data communication using fiber optic cable using ARM7 Processor
in embedded systems. At last, I completed the project on time. I also
checked all the equipment and materials used in this project. I examined and
researched on the topic accompanied with new technical methods and acquired knowledge
which thrived me in carrying out the project successfully. Lastly, it was an
opportunity to accomplish my knowledge with technical and logical analysis
improvising my self-confidence.