Investigate The Effect Of Acid Rain On Building Materials

Independent variable: the number of sprays of MM sulfuric acid (O, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 times) to observe its effect on the corrosion rate. Each spray will contain about ml. Dependent variable: The corrosion rate. It will be calculated by measuring the mass Of steel after leaving it for one day. Control: 1) The amount of sulfuric acid sprayed each time.

The same sprayer should be used to ensure the same amount is sprayed. 2) Concentration of sulfuric acid is MM. 3) The initial mass of steel is g. 4) Letting the steal sit for a day. Materials: Electric balance, six 500 ml beakers, sprayer, six g of steel, 1 00 ml of MM sulfuric acid Method: 1) By using the balance, weigh the g of steel for each one and the mass of the beaker. 2) Place each piece of steel into a 500 ml beaker and label each beaker. 3) Add 100 ml of MM sulfuric acid into the sprayer. 4) Do not spray any into the first beaker. Spray the second beaker 5 times with the MM of sulfuric acid. 6) Repeat the process, but add 5 more sprays each time. 7) Measure the mass of each beaker with steel. 8) Leave the 6 different pieces of steel for a day. 9) Repeat entire process 2 more times to eliminate error. Analysis: 1) Calculate the change in mass of each piece of steel after leaving it for one day. 2) Graph the change in mass of the steel over the number of sprays. 3) Determine the corrosion rate for each piece of steel.

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