Irish Nationalist Essay

Explain how far the views from source b differ from those in source A in relation to the attitudes of Irish nationalists? Irish nationalists both wanted one thing and that was home rule, they wanted to be an independent country. However quite a lot of people who were Irish nationalist had differ views and approaches and how to achieve their common goal and the sources show this. In source A John Redmond mentions although he wants an independent state he is also willing to keep some ties with Britain because Ireland could still deed some things from Britain.

It says in the source “resistance to the act of union will always remain for us so long as that act lasts”. This means that they can rebel as much as they want but they will not be able to get out of this act. However in source B Pearce says “we hereby proclaim the Irish republic as a sovereign independent state”. This means that he is saying Ireland is a completely independent state with no ties to anyone at all, they run by themselves. So this is a big difference overall Redmond will have the power to cake the call however Pearce could have had a big say with his violent actions.

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Many would argue such as the nationalists that Ireland should keep no ties with Britain after how the British forces treated them during the events on Easter Monday 191 6,Irish forces were dealt with them horrifically . This is one difference between the sources. Another difference is that in source A John Redmond thinks they should avoid using violent and militant methods. “but there are other means at our hands”. He said this after saying resistance would be justifiable.

So this means he thinks it wouldn’t be a bad thing resisting but he doesn’t want to do it that way. However we know that Pearce would want to use violent methods in the Easter uprising 1916. We know this because he was part of the Irish republic brotherhood who united themselves with the citizen army and the splinter group of the Irish volunteer’s, who stormed through Dublin trying to seize buildings. Another piece of evidence that Pearce was violent is that in the source it says “… Supported by gallant allies in Europe”.

This is a reference awards the nationalist getting the German arms, the weapons they need to defend themselves, however this shipment was intercepted by the royal navy, this put Parse’s men at a disadvantage. This is another difference between the two sources that, Redmond wanted to avoid violence whereas Pearce thought violence would be effective. However there is a similarity between the two sources. Although they had different ideas and approaches and also different formalities such as ties with Britain, at the end Of all Of it they both just wanted home rule for Ireland and hey were prepared to battle for it.

They both believed it was there duty to get it. Redmond says in source A “we declare that no material improvement or industrial development can satisfy Ireland until Irish laws are made and administered upon Irish soil by Irishmen”. This is a reference to Buffalos “killing home rule with kindness” , he had to stop the boycotting so he said if they stop making a fuss over home rule he would give them land reforms to please them. Redmond had obviously had enough, he didn’t want this he just wanted home rule, he believed this was every Irish man’s right.

Another thing you can get out of that quote is the last thing where he says “by Irishmen”. This is very patriotic and believed it was there duty to get home rule which they deserved. Pearce also says “we declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland and to the unrestricted control of Irish destinies”. He is outlining what home rule would do and by saying declare he is saying that it is there right to have it. Pearce says “… We pledge our lives and the lives of our comrades in arms to cause of its freedom”.

Pearce is speaking very Adriatic and speaking for all of the Irish. He says freedom this is a reference towards home rule. So this shows they are both passionate and committed towards getting home rule. This is a similarity between the two sources. They are both also Very patriotic.