Is it ever ok for someone to take

Is it ever ok for someone to take the law into their own hands? Why or why not? Morally speaking, our concern for our loved ones (parents, grandparents) health should be of compassion.  Of course, every single case has its own merits. No one should ever rush to terminate life unless it is clear that doing so will end pain and cease suffering that would otherwise prolong life needlessly in a tormented state. In this scenario, I think it is the responsibility of health care providers to save lives, but where there are no families to advise the physicians, perhaps a case should be made for a patient advocate to let the patient go. I clearly find Mr. Anderson’s actions unjustifiable, this was clearly murder, done with malice. As the article stated, “The murders were willful, deliberate and premeditated.” Taking one’s life is bad enough, but two back to back is clearly questionable. I believe that the law is in the hands of law enforcement, judges, juries, and law-makers. The only individuals that should make or enforce laws are those under the authority, given to them by the government elected by the people. In short, an individual’s authority does not trump the people’s authority. Society must respect its own laws to function properly provided that those laws are just and work within the system to change them if they are not. What is law and what is justice? From what sources do you derive your understandings of these concepts?Law is a series of rules developed and enforced through social or government establishments which regulate behavior. Laws are basically things that a person can and cannot do. Justice is the legal application of fairness and equality. Justice is a concept that is based on equality, and righteousness. The justice concept states that all individuals must be treated equally and the same.Is law always compatible with justice?Yes, I believe the law and justice are compatible. The law sets rules, regulates behaviors, imposes sanctions or other juridical consequences to acts and events. The validity of the law can be assessed from the viewpoint of its source legitimacy or from the viewpoint of its results justice. Justice is is an ideal end.If law and justice are not the same in this situation, which should be upheld? Why? Without justice, the rule of law is nothing more than a concept, an ideal. In brief, the rule of law limits the power of the state and guarantees us our rights, as well as the means to seek redress if such rights are infringed.