It living room. It was only 12 and

     It was
Friday night, there was a party organised at Celine’s house and she insisted I came.
It couldn’t be too bad, there were a few friends of mine going so I decided to
give it a try. She only lived two blocks away and the weather was warm. I
decided to walk to her house. As I arrived in front of her doorstep I could
hear the music blasting inside. I ringed the doorbell. After realising nobody
would answer I opened the door. The music was as loud as thunder, neon lights
were flashing everywhere. I entered the house as I was greeted by Celine. She seemed
so happy as she saw me and immediately dragged me into the living room. It was
only 12 and people were already going crazy. The music was so loud that it made
my skin tingle and my lungs feel like mush. The bass thumped in time with my
heart beat filling me head to toe with music. I actually liked the song. Over
the roar of music, a distant ,hazy chatter could be heard. I couldn’t make out
any words but laughter rang into my ears as the song got louder. I had no
choice but to join the crowd and start dancing. After a few songs I got thirsty
and went to the kitchen to grab a drink. My friend Pierre was already there and
handed me a glass. I knew it wasn’t water. I raised the glass to sip and felt
the keen burn on my tongue and throat. It was good. Every drink offered seemed
like a good idea

After a few more glasses I decided to go back to the dance floor. The
scent of alcohol could be smelt off my person. I knew I was drunk, and so did
everyone else. They could see me struggling to keep my balance, and I knew I
was struggling to keep it. My legs didn’t work as I told them, neither did my
hands, or my fingers. I felt nauseous so I tried to walk to the bathroom. My
eyes swivelled to the back of my head and my legs gave way. I positioned my
head above the toilet seat and threw up. I’m drunk, so very drunk, I told
myself. Then all went dark.

I opened my eyes to a dimly lit living room. Though it was already 1pm,
the curtains were still closed. There were two other people wrapped in a
blanket on the other couch in front of me, Celine and Pierre, still deeply
sleeping. I suddenly felt the aching in my head, I immediately realised I had a
hangover. It felt like a balloon under my cranium, slowly being inflated. I got
off the couch ,hurried to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face to
feel something refreshing. The mirror showed my reddish eyes. I calmly and
clumsily walked to the kitchen and started drinking a glass of water. The thirst
stayed after every sip and my head felt like it was going to crack open. My
stomach lurched and gurgled and my throat still felt like sandpaper. I decided
to go take a bath, knowing Celine was too wasted to care. Once In the bathroom I
turned on the water and took my shirt off. I froze as I realised a had a red
lobster tattooed on my right shoulder.