Jack Welch

Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, has been described as the greatest manager in modern times. Under his direction, GE dominated every sector of its industry. In addition, many top managers who lead American companies today worked at one time under Welch at GE. Welch defines successful leaders as those who “grow others,” and he believes this was one of his greatest legacies as a CEO and leader. For Welch, the role of a leader is to “let people know where they stand.

He believes that for employees to be successful, they should have a passion for their work, and he views employees through a model that he created at GE to measure effectiveness within the company: 1) the top (those the leader praises); 2) the middle 70% (those who can improve); and 3) the bottom 10% (those who should leave the company on their own and seek employment elsewhere). When told how they stand by an honest manager, employees know where they are successful and where they need to improve. Fortunately, Welch feels that most bosses aren’t totally honest with their employees, which leads to lack of productivity and does employees no service. Overall, Jack Welch was a remarkable leader who shared leadership with others by empowering them and helping them grow and succeed. He had a unique talent to attract followers and inspire them to act in certain way. His ability to envision almost impossible goals and made people commit to them and achieve them that what made him a truly exceptional leader.