Jetblue: Ice Problems

David Mailmen was extremely intelligent at the time he settled this business down, he knew that more than 100 airlines had been launched since the industry was deregulated in 1978, but he found a niche of market that nobody else had seen before.

And it is the niche of travelers who were willing to pay an accessible amount of money, for a transportation service in which they can enjoy all the UN-affordable airlines offered, like wider seats, more legroom and a big storage space, but more important than that, they were sure that the flight will never be delayed, and they will enjoy it by using all the features Getable offered, as the choice of purchasing 20th Century Fox movies or sip wines chosen by a sommelier from a value-oriented chain of retail wine shops.

This is the experience that Getable offered to it’s costumers, it was not Just a transportation mode, it was something beyond, something in which passengers could relax and enjoy, instead of suffer and count the hours remaining to arrive. Annex to all this features, Getable was also all about innovation. Innovation included tickles travel, all fares one way, and all seats assigned. Even though,

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Getable was the first airline that used an Embracer 190 regional Jet for their flights, and because of that, they didn’t knew how will it work, and how does customers will accept it, Getable was picked by the best domestic airline by two of the most important lifestyles magazines and the second lowest-rate of customer complaints team by connecting so good with all of their workers. Asking the pilots for opinions, making surveys to people about what does they like or dislike, and by flying in undercover in its own airline to see how everything works and if it was necessary to make any changes.

Creamers were cultivated with a sense of teamwork by attending to the “Getable University’ for a course in the company’s principles, and with a “We” not a “They’ tattooed in their minds, they were ready to work. CRISIS MANAGEMENT When we are talking about the Getable crisis, we are really talking about two of them: The first crisis, was the one in which passengers were stuck in the aircrafts without light, air, news, because for the sake of avoiding cancellations or delays, Getable gate agents loaded them. It was inhuman and in counter of all the philosophy David Mailmen tried to implement in the Getable workers what they did.

Even they wanted to save the most flights possible by putting as many aircrafts as possible in the air while climate was supposedly permitting it, you cannot risk your passengers, nor your crew members in a “high precaution situation” as this storm was. In this same scenario, their call center was inefficient, costumers tried to reschedule their flights, or ask for information, and workers didn’t knew how to handle the situation, they were overwhelmed and maybe were not prepared to react under critical They could try to take the passengers out of the aircraft in a different situations. Y. An airline should be prepared for any type of climatic difficulty, so they could had some snow-friendly vehicles in which they could start transporting a determined number of people from the plane, to the airport. Another problem would be the opening of the door, it will cause lot of people to argue about the cold, (Yes, we are humans, and we argue about anything when we purchase some service, if it’s hot, it’s too hot, if it’s cold, it’s too cold, but that’s how it had always been. But maybe it would have been better a complain about a solution, than a complain about not a solution t all. Even in-flight crew tried to make the experience as good as possible by letting kids play, give snacks, let people charge their phones, it wasn’t enough to please the clients. The second crisis is economical, because Getable spent a big amount of money on paying damages to travelers, and they stopped earning revenues, because travelers didn’t trust in the airline, so they change their preference and no matter the price, they will never want to experience something like that again.

BILL OF RIGHTS The Bill of rights was a risky choice taken by Getable, because at first, it may sound ere nice for travelers to have some kind of insurance about their flight punctuality, and the company’s commitment with you, but it can also work both ways, because as a traveler can react positively to it, a traveler can also react negatively by the simple thought of “My time costs a lot more money than a $25 voucher good for a future travel in Getable” for example.

Even most airlines, do not care at all about the needs of the costumer, so the expectations of the costumers, are low since the beginning, because they know since they purchase the flight that if there’s any delay, any inoculation, or any other complication, airlines barely consider them responsible, or assume the fault of the problem, and if they do, it’s a surprise for the costumer, so in a very strange way, it’s not that bad to act like American Airlines, US Airways, Delta Airlines, between others that have that “Don’t blame us” policy.

In a brief the “lack of trust from costumers” problem that Getable experiences since the 14th February incident, it is an easy way to feel covered with customers if anything goes wrong, but the truth here, is that having a Bill of rights means that Getable is not sousing in being efficient, and having the least errors as possible, in fact its focusing in how to compensate customers for their mistakes, as if they were predisposed to commit them, and as if customer were predisposed too to endure the problems.

As a company it does not sounds that bad to be predisposed to commit a mistake, but having a plan to solve it, but how many possible customers will purchase something that has written on it the risk that it may, or may not work. How many people could put their time in hands of a company that has a pre-apology method of delays to catch clients? It’s a tough decision…