Jobs you can do in vacation to earn good money

Sitting idle and got nothing to do in your vacations? Do you love talking too much? Are you communicative? Are you a professional in speaking English? What are you waiting for? Get going in some companies for a call centre jobs in Mumbai which will also fill your pockets and later on you need not ask money from anyone. There are many people with a mindset that a call centre job isn’t good. But no job is good or bad. It’s we who define it. What’s the harm in getting a job when you are working with the USA based company? Rather you will achieve an experience by the time you are graduate.

The best part about grabbing a job in call centre is that there is no educational requirement. But the most important requirement is your language proficiency according to the countries you are working for. Being able to speak the American English won’t work if you can’t understand what they speak. You must necessarily be a good listener to solve the clients’ issues humbly. You should never ask them to pardon or repeat the statement. It puts a bad impression of the company. The general purpose of inbound call centre job is that of answering the incoming calls from customers to take orders, answer inquiries and questions, handle the complaints, troubleshoot the client’s problem and provide information. Whereas the purpose of outbound call centre job is interacting by phone with outside parties to plead for orders of goods or services, request donations, make appointments, collect information or conduct follow-up. It’s more of a customer service job. An example can that be a customer service centre number for Vodafone, idea etc or any kind of SIM card you use. During the interview for acquiring the job, all they test is your passion and dedication towards the work in any condition. The interview for this job is a brainstorming session since they need to know how well you work under stress. If you are experienced, they would ask details about your past job and reason for leaving it. And if you are a fresher, they would ask you the reasons to join the company. They ask your priority to work in day shift or night shift. Depending on where the company is actually based, the timings differ from one company to the other. The shift timings would last as long as 9 hours and have a weekend off for most of the times. If not a weekend, you can ask for a leave for any 2 days in the week as per the process. You should also be able to record your calls, ask for a feedback from the client all for keeping a track of where you stand in the company. Every person in the call centre must have an urge to learn and improve quickly. You shouldn’t expose your frustration in front of your client else you can be fired immediately.

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At the end, it’s all up to you, how you tackle your job is of ultimate importance.