John Oliver

Without the Congress functioning fully I do not know how our country is going to stay the way it is. So the reason why the Congress can cause great difficulties in our country is because the laws that are being passed in the State legislative get to congress and just basically shut down. Congressmen just argue about topics and make absolutely no progress. You can see from the video of John Oliver’s show “Last Week Tonight” what can happen if tensions get to high in the legislature.

These congressmen get some angry at each other that they will fight each other until other congressmen break them up. Violence is not the answer to making our country better, it will only tear it apart. There is corruption in the United States Congress. It’s so bad that some congressmen and state legislative are going away to prison. Almost all of the corruption is either from money or through indictments. Just to think that us as American citizens we have voted these corrupt people into office.

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They’re offering no help to our country only negative things. Unfortunately the problems don’t stop in Congress. The state legislative are also to blame. There were reports on the John Oliver Show that a state senator was arrested for stealing condoms from a drug store. The police pulled the Rhode Island senator over and the senator had one of his buddies mom to where he was pulled over and harassed the police officer. He threatened to hurt the police officer’s pension fund.

The officer I believe was doing the right thing. So we obviously have so issues in our government. But thankfully we can get some humor out of it thanks to John Oliver and his show. These people who mess up our government deserve to be criticized for what they did wrong. Our country has a bright future if we can just weed the bad guys out and replace them with people who would die for this country. If we did this I believe everything will turn out a lot better.