What unique problems might you anticipate they have in their supply chain? (8 Marks) ii) How might a supply chain management system solve these problem? (12 Marks) (Total: 20 Marks) 2. Answer the following questions on data mining: I) What makes data mining an important business tool? Marks) ii) What types of information does data mining produce? (6 iii) In what type of situation would you advise a company to use data mining? 3. Fashion (BE) is a fashion retailer with a chain of 20 shops, each with its own manager.

BE believes it can best compete by offering a wide selection of gig quality products sold at a reasonable price. BE has trained all its staff in customer care and prefers to employ staff who have worked for other fashion retailers. As a large proportion of IF’S products are clothes which only remain fashionable for a short period, it is important that good inventory control is maintained. IF’S has recently invested in a robotic system to improve materials handling in its warehouse. As a service to its customers, BE will deliver to their home, within 24 hours, any items bought from one of its shops.

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IF’S competitors do not offer such a service. BE knows that it has demanding customers who appreciate the retail experience and after sales service which BE offers. If a customer has any dissatisfaction with a purchase, BE will make a refund without question. BE frequently sends its regular customers special offers and invites them to fashion shows held in its shops. IF’S head office is organized into departments which are responsible for the procurement of products, setting of personnel policies, investigating innovations in fashion retailing and general corporate administration.

Bee’s management accountant has been investigating the acquisition of high-tech ‘Smart POS’ which would provide the following information for each shop: ; Sales transactions and analysis ; Staff statistics (sales per staff member) ; Gross profit ; Inventory turnover and balances ; Audit information (a database recording all transactions) If BE replaces its existing point of sale system with Smart POS, it will be able to better manage cash and inventory and optimism its sales due to accurate real time information.

This will have the benefits of identifying and controlling wastage and improve the accuracy of its forecasts. The overall advantages offered by the Smart POS are that BE will be able to react more quickly to customer demand, ensure that it has sufficient stock in its shops, minimize wastage, reduce its investment in working capital and enable its head office to know, on a real-time basis, how well each of its shops is trading. Questions: (a) use Porters Five competitive forces model to explain how BE can achieve competitive advantage. 12 marks) (b) Explain how BE could improve its profits by the use of information within smart POS. (8 marks) 4. The recent reports on ATM thefts has left the authorities head-scratching hen 14 bank branches belonging to Affine Bank, AAA Rajah Bank and Bank Islam were hacked Into by a Latin American gang that made off With over ARM million. As far back as 201 0, computer security experts have shown how ATM machines can be hacked to spit money, using hardware kit that cost less than CSS$OHIO to make.

And the Tam’s motherboard is only protected by a door, of which you can buy the “universal kef’ online. You can then use a USB port on the motherboard to upload your own software (stored in your USB stick), which changes the device’s display, play a tune, and make the machine suspense money. It is suspected that the high-tech Latin American gang committed the crime by taking advantage of an operating system glitch that allowed them to insert the “Backdoor. Padding” Trojan horse into the system.

It all started with Microsoft – who stopped supporting Windows XP operating system after 8th April, 2014. In other words, even if the ATM Trojan horse was discovered one day after the end-of-support date, Microsoft will not release any security patches to plug the threat. The problem is there are up to 95% ATM machines still running on Windows XP in Malaysia. Once the Trojan horse is inserted, the ATM reboots and the mallard is executed. The Trojan can delete itself if it fails to gain control of the PIN pad or dispenser.

It runs in the background until a specific code is entered on the Tam’s PIN pad. Finally, it then opens a back door on the ATM running Windows XP, allowing an attacker to display cassette information such as bills left, denomination and total amount per cassette. They could then dispense money from the compromised ATM by selecting which cassette the ATM dispenses money from. They can also temporarily disable the local network to void triggering alarms when withdrawing money, in addition to extending the duration of the session in order to continue stealing money.

Last but not least, they will also be able to delete the Trojan from the compromised ATM. The Latin Americans could also use another famous Trojan horse – Backdoor. Pullouts – which was discovered in 2013 to hack Tams in Mexico. Amazingly, this Pullouts Trojan allows cybernetics’s to simply send an SMS to the compromised ATM, then walk up and collect the dispensed cash. Whatever it was, these cases highlight the vulnerabilities of information yester that could open many possibilities for crime and harm. I) Why is software quality important to security? 6 Marks) ii) What specific steps can an organization take to ensure software quality? Iii) Explain why even well-designed information systems do not always help improve a firm’s information security, or do not enhance business processesВ± and decision making. 5. WAS is a private university in Malaysia. It employs 350 academic staff NC 420 administrative staff. It has 8,000 full-tem students. Following a visit front government appointed assessors, it was criticized for the following reasons: The university operated at a deficit; its expenditure exceeded its income.