King Haralds Saga

After King Heralds conquest of the three villages Sicily the King and his army had a know reputation of power. After theses conquering the King was also very wealthy and full of riches, wherever he went he found treasures and gold which all added up to almost an endless supply of wealth. Having power and wealth back in King Heralds time was basically all you needed to be a powerful King and ruler. After the Kings return to his homeland in Constantinople, King Herald wanted to further his power and riches. He then set forward to go to the Holy Land of Jerusalem to conquer more villages throughout Palestine.

With King Heralds now known ruthless reputation in battle, it was said, “wherever he went in Palestine, all the towns and castles were surrendered to him” (59). This just shows how King Harold and his army had already worked there way up to such great power. King Herald first gained his political power after the Battle of Satellites. Heralds half-brother was King Loaf the Saint, they both fought side by side during the Battle of Satellites. During the battle his half brother Loaf was killed and Harold was also injured but managed to escape from the battlefield.

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During the escape he was helped by Regional Barbarous and rough into Russia where he first met King Corollas. Corollas gave Harold the position of commander of his defense forces and they traveled east to Constantinople. Here in Constantinople was when Commander-in-chief Georgia granted Harold privilege to be leader of the Bargain army. After fighting as a militant for many years Herald teamed up with King Magnums who was the king of Norway. After Magnums saw what great accomplishments Harold had overcome King Magnums granted Herald power to control half of Moray. Soon after the conjoined power of the two kings of Norway King

Magnums fell ill and died soon after from the sickness, granting King Herald to be the sole ruler of Norway. I believe what compelled Snorer Sturgeon to write on behalf of King Harold was his background of being an Icelandic historian and also a poet. We see throughout the whole book that there is poetry do describe was going on in times of King Heralds life. King Harold was fond of having poets right on his behalf in war times so I’m sure with Snorer being an historian and a poet king Harold life intrigued Snorer to write about his great happenings throughout his life.