knipp – ch. bay #1

first event in Bay history
asteroid hits at mouth of Bay
what started happening 18,000 years ago
ice caps started melting, sea level started rising
when did native Americans arrive to the Bay
11,500 years ago
when did the Bay shoreline resemble start to resemble shoreline of today
2000 years ago
what crops did the native Americans grow?
corn, squash, beans, tobacco
why did the Bay’s rivers start to get shallow?
sediment from erosion from farming
what is the name of the canal found at the northern end of the Bay?
C & D canal
What is the name of the dam at the end of the Susquehanna River?
Conowingo Dam
What are dermo and MSX?
diseases of the oysters
what caused the native American populations to decrease
war with colonists and disease brought over by colonists