knipp – ch. bay #4

What percent of the freshwater that enters the Bay comes from the Susquehanna River?
What is the importance of the Ch. Bay to migratory birds?
resting spot
How many people move into the Ch. Bay watershed each year?
Another name for a striped bass.
The invasive rodent that eats all of a plant.
The fish that is used for fishmeal and is the prey of larger fish, birds and mammals.
T/F Saltwater is heavier than freshwater.
T/F Sea nettles prefer salt water.
How long did it used to take the oysters to filter all of the Bay’s water?
3-4 days
What are four filtering systems for the Bay?
1) oysters
2) submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV)
3) marshes
4) streamside (riparian) forests
What are the two elements that make up polluting nutrients that pollute the Bay?
phosphorus and nitrogen
An area of the Bay with no oxygen.
dead zone
What are four things that contribute to excess nutrients in the Bay?
1) septic systems
2) sewage treatment plants
3) chemicals from roads
4) dissolved manure
The length of the Bay in miles.
200 miles
How many people live in the Ch. Bay watershed?
16 million