knipp – ch. bay #5

storm water or run-off
rain water that doesn’t sink into the ground
storm drain
a grate in the ground where rain water can go
flooding in low spots
a problem if you didn’t have storm drains
retention pond
a man-made pond where storm water collects
slows down the storm water
what is the purpose of the rocks at the beginning of the retention pond
1) prevents flooding of nearby streams
2) allows stormwater to seep into the ground becoming groundwater
3) traps sediment so it doesn’t end up in nearby streams
two functions of a retention pond
overflow drain
what prevents a retention pond from getting too full
sediment barrier
what prevents sediment at a jobsite from flowing downhill into a stream or small tributary
describes a surface that water cannot penetrate
sidewalks, roads, roof tops, parking lots
examples of impervious surfaces