Lab report sci

The egg will fall onto a piece of paper, with cotton underneath, which is supported by a net of rubber bands, which are hoisted up by thick wood sticks. Also balloons are tied below to catch some of the force, and then just drop the egg. After the egg was dropped, it was a success; it landed smoothly and had no cracks.

So this vice catches the egg, and the force the egg brings so that it lands safely. Background Obviously I built this device with some prior knowledge to physics and how to make this device successful. I have learned several equations about force, work, power, height, speed, velocity and a lot more. So with force, f=ma, then can easily discern what the force of the egg will be. Also, since I know all of these things, than can figure out all of the physics with just the equations.

Also learned, with these things, that if the force of the egg doesn’t have omitting to fall into, like cotton or balloons, then it will break, because the force needs to be shared or it takes over the egg. With that, I understood a basis of how the device should be. This lab is designed to be very innovative with making devices so that nature can be defied. An egg that is supposed to break on contact from seven meters up will be safe and won’t break. The egg drop showcases endless laws of physics, and it also encourages people to be creative.

The results expected room the specified device are success, and everyone anticipated SUCCeSS for the class. My device suffered strains of doubt, because there was not a barrier surrounding the wooden posts, holding up the net, which could keep the egg from bouncing away. Success was anticipated because of the cotton, the balloons and the net. There were so many components that would slow the egg down, take away some force and keep it safe. Uncertainty was prevalent in the waiting.