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Patricia Hers, the author of A Tribe Apart, said online communicate is important in ten’s life. Second, it’s a good thing for teenagers to hang online. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon university found that online chatting is a useful way for teens to keep in touch with them real-world friends, and it can shorten the distance between teen and their friends. Also you can make new friends from internet. But life online is sometimes unfriendly, for example, rumors run away, and arguments exacerbate.

However, Hers said that teens will be more emotionally online than in real life, that is, cyberspace is a space where teens can be real themselves. Third, we need to be careful when we go online. Make sure that you won’t tell your private feelings with a stranger, and try to be sensitive with hurtful comments, to avoid bulling things happen. Eventually, a survey found that teens just spend a less time to contact with friends online. So author suggested teens to spend more times to keep up with friends in the future, and online is a convenient way to stabilize your friendship.

Online friendship has some benefits for teenager, and it is important in ten’s real life, but teen should be careful when they use it. In her article “Online Friendships”, Barrington illustrates how online friendship s important in our teenager’s real life. In my experience, online friendship really does. I seldom hang out with my friend in real-world, I would like to stay at home to play online, and think my friend also prefer to stay at home than go out, so that we always do online chatting during whole weekend.

SQ is a normal tool to communicate with other people in China. Before I came to the USA just used the message SQ, because I can have face-to-face contacts with my friend at school. After I came to The USA, I use camera SQ more than message SQ, the camera SQ is similar like Face time, and it is a useful tool for people who cannot meet each other in real-world easily. On last Saturday, I just had a video call with my friend who studies in China, and we talked about what were happened during these days.

After our communication, known the current things what appeared near my friends: know the most popular song around teens in China; I know the interesting things that happened in my friend’s university. Online contact is better than face-to-face contact in long distance situation, like my case, only can do online community with my Old friends, email or video call. Even though that still prefer to do contact tit my friends by face-to-face, because it is more strongly to feel the emotion what my friends have when we are chat than online chatting.

For example, if we only use message to text each other, I only can see the words that my friend typed, as we know, one word has different feeling if you say it in different tones. So always think that like sarcasm and misunderstand always happened in online chatting. However, according to my situation, online chatting is the only helpful way for me to keep in touch with my old friends. Consequently, I agree with Affirmation’s opinion which is online friendship is really important in ten’s life.