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Rhetoric is used in writing to communicate effectively and persuasively to whomever is reading that writing. Rhetoric is expressed to the audience through Ethos, Pat host, and Logos. In “Serving in Florida,” Barbara Rehiring provides her very own first hand expel irenic on what it was like for her to work 2 minimum wage jobs while barely being able to pay her bills. Out of the three appeals, Pathos(emotional appeal) is primarily used to help persuade e young people to attend college in order to get higher paying jobs. While pathos is the main AP ell used, Ethos is a secondary appeal that is used since she is credible as an author.

Barbara uses many emotional strategies in her essay to appeal to the audience sees emotions. The main strategies she uses in particular are her personal experience, empathy why, and narration. These strategies were specifically chosen because they are particularly useful when it comes to appealing to the emotion of the audience. Narration is the first strategy that is present when she begins to descriptively recall what she endured during her time working and n aerates it for the audience to immerse themselves in with her first hand account.

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She narrates the essay in first person which is the most useful because it delivers her experience and mesas GE with more credibility because she actually went through the struggle of working two mini mum wage jobs. Rehearing’s second strategy is personal experience. She uses her personal ex prince to provide more credibility throughout the essay since she was the one who is TA King about her own experiences instead of just explaining what someone else went through, This I dads to the audience being convinced Of the truth Of what she claims.

This can also lead t o the audience to feel the pain that she felt when she was conducting her investigations. This is a gigantic use of pathos by Rehiring in the essay. Her last big strategy that Rehiring used w as empathy which goes hand in hand with her personal experiences due to the fact that it coerce sees the audience to feel sympathy from the struggles that she had to face during her undercover work. An example of how she used empathy brilliantly in her essay was when she explains how t inns like getting a new uniform, buying decent meals, and what it was like for her to find smell ace to sleep.

Its easily relatable for high school and college kids since they work minimum wag e jobs or jobs that don’t pay much and have to live off that money and know the experiences of working a crappy minimum Wage job. By using these three strategies and having them appeal t o the audiences through Pathos and some Ethos, Rehiring was effectively able to convey he r message to the audience. In conclusion, Barbara Rehiring appeals to her audience through rhetorical trainees and appeals.

Pathos which is the primary appeal, helps the audience connect with Rehiring on a personal and emotional level through the struggles and experiences she share De throughout the essay. Empathy, narration, and personal experience were used to assist her in accomplishing the connection with the audience. Besides mainly using pathos throughout the sees say, ethos is secondarily used to give her credibility to give the audience a reason to trust her through her real life experiences.