Layne Staley Speech Outline

There’s an old saying that goes- “give a self-destructive man enough power and eventually he’ll destroy himself, as Lane Staley eventually did. Ill. Today I want to talk to you about Lane Staley life, and how he became one of the biggest influences in grunge music in the ass’s. Body: . Lane Staley childhood A. Lane Staley was born in Kirkland, Washington on August 22, 1 967 B. Lane’s parent divorced when he was only 7 years old which he hints that his parents’ divorce were responsible for his drug problems 1. He was also convinced that if he became famous his dad would return C.

The beginning of this music career started out on drums, but then changed to singing II. Music Career A. Lane joined a band called ‘Sleaze” in 1984 which eventually in 1986 became the world famous Alice in Chains B. Alice in Chains members were Lane Staley singing, Jerry Central with lead guitar and backup vocals, Mike Starr as bassist, and finally Sean Kenny playing drums C. In 1990 Alice in Chains came out with “Face Lift” shaping the bands signature style D. Alice in Chains had come out with 4 more Cad’s named “Dirt” and a self-titled album “Alice in

Chains” with a 2 live albums 1. Alice in Chains had about 20 singles to come out when Lane Staley was alive which some of you have probably heard like “Man in the Box” and ‘Would” E. Mad Season was a side project Lane started with members from Pearl Jam and The Screaming Tree’s Ill. Lane Staley Drug Abuse A. Lane had a minor drug problem, but when to rehab and became sober 1 . When Lane’s father saw him on a cover of a magazine, he came back into his life and began doing drugs together and at age 25 Lane became addicted to heroin for good B.

By the age of 28 Lane severely addicted to heroin and cocaine 1. His fiance, Demur Parrot, died of bacterial indoctrinated which is caused from sharing needles for shooting heroin C. After the death of Lane’s fiance he became reclusive, not talking to many people 1 . Lane had been highly addicted to heroin and cocaine now for about 7 years and had lost most of his teeth 2. Lane’s last show was Mat’s Unplugged, where he was very sickly looking with a green tint to his skin and track marks all up his arms D. On April 5. 2002, Lane Staley died of a speedwell overdose 1.

Lane died in his apartment at the age of 34 with crack pipes, needles, and drugs around him 2. Lane’s body wasn’t found for almost 2 weeks when his mother noticed money hadn’t been withdrawn from his account so she called the police Conclusion: I. Lane Staley is my favorite all time singer/song writer because of his poetic lyrics and his distinctive sound. II. With the drug addiction aside, Lane Staley was one of the best singers of all time. Ill. In his final interview Lane says, “l know I’m near death. I did crack and heroin for years. I didn’t want it to end this way.