Leadership Experience

Jose Alfred Villas Moral Global Leadership Paper#l Being one of the captains on my high-school soccer team Leadership experience happens everywhere, every time, and people don’t realize them until your followers or the situation let you know you are acting as a leader. Definitely being a leader is not easy. It depends in different factors or abilities. One of them is the personality of the person who is trying to act as a leader. The other is the position because in most cases the leader will have to put him or their group in a session which will benefit all of them and in which the result will be positive too.

Lastly is the expertise, leader are not born or made. For this paper, the leadership experience I choose is in my last two years of high-school I was named one of the two captains of the soccer team. As you can see being chose by my teammates and coaches as the capitation of the team is something we can definitively say that they saw as a leader or mentor of the group. Back in high-school, I played outside forward and I was the striker of my team. It was my Junior year when I was named as a captain.

At the beginning of the year the team named two senior players as captains. During the first month of the season one of them got injured during a game and he ended having an CAL (Anterior Excruciate Ligament) on his right knee. This injured was a huge impact to the team because he was one of the best players on the team and the best mentor the team could have. One of the philosophies of my high-school soccer coach was that a team always needs at least two to three captains. After two seeks from the incident, I was called into a meeting with my coach.

During the meeting, they told that since that afternoon I was named the other captain of the team. The reason were that I was improving really fast in my soccer, that I was the striker of the team, and that the other players were watching me as an example so because of all this reasons they made the choice of picking me. Obviously for me was a positive changed in my life because since that afternoon I felt better with myself knowing I was going to be a leader of the group.

One of the actions I took as a leader was making players meet at least one time per week with the coaches. In the meeting they were discussing about their role on the team and the position where they were standing. I talked to the coaches about this idea and I told them that it would be good for the team to give the opportunity to every player to express their selves and have a word on the team. The second action I took to make the team a closer one was to make plans together as a team. They were any kind of plans, social or school plans.

They did not matter as long as they were together. I could also say that one of my actions as a leader was getting better in my soccer every day by scoring important goals and making good assists, or by Just going hard to the opponent in every play. So my teammates can keep watching me as a player example and making them feel that same positive energy. I was also in charge to give a briefly speech right before the games started, it was when all the players were already on the field and the game was about to being. In those speeches, I basically tried to

That it did not matter who were the opponents because the important is who we were and what we could do during the game. Talking about academics I tried to make most of them has tutors sessions so they can improve in their grades and don’t leave that behind. Lastly the action that made the biggest impact to the team was that during the last 10 minutes of the semi-final game. Our team got a foul in the box and the referee called penalty kick. The score was 0-0 meaning that this particular penalty kick was everything for us.

So every player was really nervous and did not ant to shoot it. So I took the ball and told my coach, I was going to shoot it even though I was not the regular player who was in charge to take the penalty kicks. Finally I scored and we won the game and I took my team to the final game in which we ended up winning the regional championship. Feelings and words are the best way to describe this great experience I had during my last two years in high-school. The ones I choose are brave, loyalty, confidence, experience, friendship, and results.

Brave because I was brave enough to even I was still a Junior I did not back up or say o to the position my teammates and coaches put me into. Loyalty due to the fact that on the inside of the team they were no secrets because of the relationships we built which made us closer every practice. During those last two year I gain a lot of confidence and experience in myself not only in my soccer but also in my life. Both of them made me grow up in a positive way being a better person and an example to my teammates. I think the word friendship explains it all; I made great friends maybe my closest ones until today.

The last word is result and this is due to the fact that we won two titles when I was a captain, one regional championship and one conference tournament. To conclude this paper I would like to leave a short but a very powerful quote that made me feel better when I read it. “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”. During my experience my primarily two reason of why I was working hard as a leader was to my teammate’s better person and better players, and the other one was to give my team results.