Learning and College

Why am I in college? Why am I in college ? Good question. I’m in college because I wanted to take my education further than just high school. In some households college is a choice, but in m nines it’s kind of is and it’s kind of not. I know for a fact I was going to go to college. The fact that I have always liked school is why I knew I was going to go. Some people might think it’s weir d, but that’s just been me.

I have always been in school most life from daycare all the way to c allege. My mother kept me in school and made sure I did good so I can and could continue my e auction. Going to college was a must for me, once notice much more there was to learn want De to go. I like learning new things and learning more about things that I already know AIBO t. You could never be over education. By me coming to college I see more opportunities.

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One of the reason I chose to go to college was to get a taste of the real world j gust a little bit. What mean by that is that could see how it kind Of feels to be on my own, g et out and doing things on my own and not being in my parent house. I like how when you go t o college you have he choice to stay on campus or not , which gives you the chance to see what I t feels like to be on your own.

I glad chose to come to college because I really like how I have the chance to study something I have a passion for and also helps you prepare for the adult world to take care of responsibilities , handling money and having the higher knowledge. Another reason am in college is because am studying and continuing to lea ran more about what want to do in my career choice-Coming to college helped me learn more ABA UT myself and things would and want to learn about and accomplish in my lifetime.