Which events mainly influenced your path or life so far? How did they affect you ? To be honest, The period that was accepted to study Building Economy in the university in VietNam has given me a lot of experience. It is the time started an independent life in Hocking City. I must control my budget and studying time in there. During this time, I also worked for a part- time job in order to find more experience and money. It is the time that influence me a lot because It give me the experience to live in the real life . How did you experience the training in class (feelings behavior,thoughts during the training in class ? The training in class in VietNam with me was terrible. I must study the beginning of English and It was so boring. The teacher in this university was so boring and I cannot understand what he has explained . From my point of view, think I learned about my life when I live independently more than in university in VietNam. 3. What did you learn- reflecting afterwards- about your history,your current situation and your true ?

Controlling my budget is the biggest thing have learnt when I was in university in VietNam. Also have a time to learn English, so that can get the Lilts easily in this period. I also improve my reading, writing when I was studying lets. At the moment , after 3 months came to HAN university , I have a lot of lesson about my life. The biggest lesson is about the research. Research has taught me that before you give the decision, you must do the research and for me that is very meaningful.