LEED: What is it?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
US Green Building Council
-oversees LEED certification of buildings
LEED Earth
A program that offers to refund review fees of the first project to become LEED certified in any of remaining 112 countries that do not have any yet (effective in 2016)
Green Building Certification Institute
-administers professional credentials and exams
>Green Associate
>AP with Specialty Credential
What are the five areas a professional can become accredited with once they have passed the Green Associate exam?
BD+C: Building Design and Construction
ID+C: Interior Design and Construction
EB+OM: Existing Buildings and Operations and Maintenance
ND: Neighborhood Development
What is the 40/60 Rule?
Used to determine which rating system to apply to a project. If the rating system applies to 60% or more of the project, that system should be used
What types of projects are included in BD+C?
-new construction (HVAC, envelope)
-core and shell (mechanical, electrical, plumbing,etc)
-retail(banks, restaurants, apparel)
-warehouses and distribution centers
What types of projects are included in ID+C?
-commercial interiors (functions other than retail/hospitality)
What types of projects are included in EB+OM
-existing buildings
-data centers
-warehouses and dist. centers
What types of projects are inlcuded in Homes
-homes and multifamily lowrise
-multifamily midrise
What types of projects are included in ND
-Plan: any phase up to 75% competed construction
-Built Project: near completed projects or finished within the last 3 years
Which system requires a Green Rater to become LEED certified?
Homes, provided by Green Homes Center
What is LEED Volume?
simpler, speedier process for organizations to certify an entire portfolio of buildings using BD+C and O+M
-must be 25+ buildings
What is LEED Campus?
Simpler, speedier process for an organization trying to certify multiple buildings on a single campus site under control of one entity
What is LEEd Re-Certification?
For buildings under O+M, they must recertify within 5 years of previous certification and are eligible as often as every 12 months
What are the number of points to achieve LEEd Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum?
Certified: 40-49pts
Silver:50-59 pts
Gold: 60-79 pts
Platinum: 80+
What are the Credit Categories?
1.)Integrative Process
3.)Sustainable Sites
4.)Water Efficiency
5.)Energy and Atmosphere
6.)Materials and Resources
7.)Indoor Environmental Quality
8.)Innovation and Regional Priorities
How is each credit weighted for points?
by their environmental impact
-greater the positive impact, greater then number of points
What are the Minimum Program Requirements (MPRs)
1.)Permanent location
2.)Reasonable LEED boundaries
3.)Comply with associated project size
What are the required project size for each type of system (under MPR)
BD+C/O+m: >1000ft2
ID+c: >250ft2
Neighborhoods: <1500acres
Homes must be considered “dwelling units” by code
What is LEED Online?
-contains credit templates and allows teams to upload documentation and submit Credit Interpretation Requests
-also contains the LEED scorecard
What is a Credit Interpretation Request
-a team may request guidance on one credit, prerequisite or MPR
-$220 EACH
-Submitted through LEED Online and <600words
-anyone with access to LEED Online can submit
Who is the LEED Project Admin
-this person invites team members to LEED Online, assigns members to credits and submits project application to GBCI
-project team must choose a Project Admin by time LEED project registration