When submitting design phase credit, which of the following are possible review responses issued by the USGBC? (Choose 3)

a. accepted

b. denied

c. anticipated

d. clarify

e. pending

b, c, and d.

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Which of the following represents for EQ Credit 3.1, contruction IAQ Management Plan, During construction? (Choose 2)

A) Limit all site disturbance to 40 feet beyond building perimeter.

B) During construction, meet or exceed the recommended control measures of the sheet metal and air conditioning contractors national association (SMACNA) IAQ Guidelines of occupied building under construction.

C) Protect stored on site or installed absorptive materials from moisture damage.

D) Prevent loss of soil during construction by stormwater runoff and/or wind erosion, including protecting topsoil by stockpiling for reuse.

E) If permanently installed air handlers are used during construction, the filtration media must be MERV 13 or higher.

B and C

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* MERV of 8.

ASHRAE 55-2004 references which of the following environmental factors? (Choose 3)

A. Indoor air quality

B. Ventilation Speed

C. Occupant Clothing

D. Occupant Density

E. Temperature

B, C, and E

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