Leisure and society

What are the 4 elements/ characteristics of a culture and give ad example of each.

Shared- sport participation based on culture

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Learned – apppropriate time to eat

symbols- scoring system in basketball

integrated- after communism changes occured in leisure resources

What is “enculturation”?
The process which culture is transmitted from one generation to the next.
What are the 4 ways that a culture can change? Name some examples.

People stat at home more- work from out of home

Television used as role models-SpongeBob square pants

Forms of leisure expand- fancier restaurants

New forms of leisure develop-extreme sports

What is “cultural development” and how is the term “developing” misleading
Procvess of improving the maerial conditions of people through the diffusion of knowledge and technology

How do we measure development?

(3 areas/ 4 factors)

HDI- Human Development Index-

Economic Factor- gross domestic product

Social Factor-literacy rate and amount of education

Demographic Factor- Life expectancy

What is HDI and what contributes to it? Who has traditionally had high/low HDI scores?

Human Development Index- recognizes the country’s level of development.


Sierra Leone- Low

What are the characteristics of a “post-modern” culture.

Media Society

Society of Spectacle

Consumer Society

What is “culture happiness” and what 6 factors contribute to it?

Something that should be embraced with excessive joy.

Understanding the environment and how to control it

Social suppport from family and friends

The satisfaction of species drives

The satisfaction of drives for physical well-being

The satisfaction of aesthetic and sensory drives

The satisfaction of exploratory drives

What are some potential impacts of climate change on the reaction and tourism profession?





Leisure as Space can be considered in 3 different ways, what are these? Differentiate between them.


Density-the frequency with which something occurs in space

Concentration- the extent of a feature’s spread over space

Pattern- the geometric arrangement of objects in space

What are place attachment and place identity? Examples?

Place attachment- an emotional bond that develops between a person and a certain place- auditorium

Place identity- place as a source of identification and affiliation for a person-Home

What factors determine whether or not “crowding” impacts someone’s leisure experience? (3 of them)

The personal characteristic of visitors

The characteristics of other visitors encountered

The nature of the outdoor


What is “carrying capacity”?
The number of a species that a habitat can support without permanently damaging it
What is common culture?
What most people in our societies do with most of their free time-also known as popular culture
List four characteristics in distinguishing common culture nad give examples of each.

Popular- children Stories

Commercial- Titanic

Trendy- Beyonce

Specific to Age Group- reality TV

High Culture and Folk Culture

High Culture-typical pastimes of the elite

Folk Culture- local pastimes shared through direct, oral communication

What innovation is the hub of common culture?
How is North American popular music pluralistic?
Based on our ethnicity, religious, race, and social diaverse
How is the role of meditated entertainment positive or negative in shapin and reflecting the values of our society?
Can help with things such as eye hand coordination’s, but attention spend can be shortened.
What are some proposed trends for leisure in the future (based on technology advances?)

Plane Zorbing

Automatic music composition

Toy soldiier with video camera eyes

Theaters allowing internet attendance


How has technological advancement hurt or helped reaction and leisure. Give examples.
Has given some innovative places to play and better equipment, has also hurt the environment. Computers.
What is a cyber culture?
Way of life created by heavy use of computers.
Be able to articulate how violence seems to accompany the use of technology in leisure. Example.
fsome people may try to articulate violent games iinto real life.
Know the positive influences nad negative sonsequence from tech. advance in leisure and give examples.

Really get kids involced, ability to learn ploblem solving, and safe form of fantasy.

Begin to play all the time; don’t learn life problem solving, pushed into prefabricated fantasy instead of their own.

Social Capital
Feature of community life, such as interpersonal networks, volunteering, and participation in self-governance.
What skills will the professional in leisure need to develop to build or restore social capitol within communities?
Skills in community development, group dynamics, and commiunity organizations, as well as access to a computer.
What are the three types of constraints described in class?




Explain the concept of Inclusion and the two types (physical and social).

Inclusion is the involvement and full acceptance of persons with special needs into a wide range of community settings.

Physical-making things possible for the physical disable

Social-bring people together

What strategies might be used to increase the likelihood of social inclusion (name 2)
Bring church members nad nearby college students together.
Identify 3 specific trends related to women’s leisure.




Explain the differece between assimilation and pluralism as possible trends among racial groups and leisure? Which of these two possibilities has actually happened?
assimilation is the absorption into the system; Pluralism is when members of diverse ethnic adn racial groups maintain separate participation in their traidtional cultures. Assimilation is what actually hapensi in today’s world.