Letter of Support

To whom it may concern January 10, Luis Shaven is an upstanding young man who was also one of the most inspiring teenagers I had ever met in my life. I had the pleasure of working with Luis while I was employed with City Year Chicago, an American’s program. Luis had done volunteer service with City Year’s Young Heroes Program for years as a middle school student.

In 2008, he joined the City Heroes Program, the high school equivalent of Young Heroes, during my term s a Senior Corps Member and Program Leader for City Heroes. Not only was Luis a consistent participant, he was a leader among his peers. He met with us weekly to plan activities and contribute to the monthly newsletter for his peers in the City Heroes Program. He could always be counted on to help us conduct workshops, lead teams in activities and volunteer for miscellaneous duties when necessary.

Luis was instrumental in bringing to fruition one of he best years the City Heroes Program had ever seen. Luis brought a great sense of determination, compassion and wisdom to the City Heroes Program. Working with him and his sisters was a highlight in my two year term at City Year and I will always cherish the memories we created as a team. Luis is a forward thinking young person, and I know that he is destined for greatness and leadership in his generation.

What his awards and accolades confirm, and an attest, is that he is a humane and kindhearted person, which is why his pursuit of a career in the medical field fits him perfectly. It is my hope that he is granted access to education here as Luis is exactly the type of student President Obama sought to assist to with his Dream Act. Feel free to contact me at the number below with any further questions.