Life Changing

The Real World College, the next level of becoming an independent individual. More opportunities that can change your life forever. Everyone goes to college, because they want that degree to have a good job that makes them money. For me, college brings me a chance of change. I never saw myself trying my best in college. I guess it could be of that fact I don’t have much confidence in myself. This is my first year of college, my second semester.

The most successful I ever felt was taking Personal Growth 140. That class helped me realize, that I wanted to change a lot about myself and be more open to new things, before get into my career. Although I don’t have a major right now, I’m more focus on being a successful person for myself, then proving myself to others. I know anything is possible, but when it comes to expressing myself, thefts super hard. Being part of the class of 2013 was fun, but when it came down to college I didn’t know what school or what to major in.

Every’ day after school I would research colleges, but felt I wasn’t good enough to go there, because I don’t have a major. Now you don’t have to have to have major right away, but in my high school AVID class; the teacher would always say its best to have one. Summer was coming to an end, so decided to pick San Diego City College. City is an amazing community college. Its help me discover something about myself, which never knew. For fall 2013, I took Personal Growth, because I wanted to change how I felt about myself and be a better person. I have trouble with opening up and controlling my anger. Eke to keep to myself and hide from my feelings, because that’s the way I eve learned to do throughout my whole life. Arguing is all I mostly all know how to do. Fighting and yelling all the time is really unhealthy, and that’s what really want to change about myself. So while I’m deciding on what want to do with my life I have decided to work on myself and change what I don’t like. In order for me to change my ways for the people that I surround myself with, decided to take a growth class. At first I didn’t take it serious, because I didn’t believe anything the professor was saying.

But when really decided to look t the book and read it, it all started to make sense. The only reason I didn’t focus that much last semester, because I was more focus on my job and my relationship with my boyfriend. But now that I quit my job, I can focus more on school. What really want to accomplish throughout college is not just getting my associates degree, but also I wanted to find who am as a person inside. I believe once I really find out who I really am, then maybe I’ll be more happy in my life and feel like I can do anything.

Over winter break I really felt a change in me. I open up more and talk more with the positive people around me. Also when I get mad, I breathe and then talk it out instead of yelling. After taking Personal Growth 140 finally am realizing that the person was before is not the person thought I wanted to be. Pretending to be happy, when in reality at night I’m crying, because I’m so unhappy. I’ll admit there are moments when slip back into my old ways and push those I love and need in my life away, because I’m afraid to let people get close to me.

Being afraid I know is normal, button have to face your fears in order to be successful in life. That’s why this semester I decided to continue taking personal growth classes. Except this class is for careers. I decided to take 1 30, because it will help me learn how to work on my communication skills and it also might help me decide on what I want to do in my life. Personal Growth 130 is all about how to be able to work in a stable environment and how it helps to dig deep inside of you, so that way you can reach your goals and be successful.

This class, so far is helping me see that if I’m more open with people, then I can work better with people and understand others better. I realize that in order to be successful and to reach every goal, you must work on your inner self, than just doing completing what you need to get what you Want faster. Working on my self has been the most successful thing I have ever done for myself. Personal Growth has taught me, if you want to be happy, then you need to better understand yourself. “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life more meaningful.