The World is an Apple is quite a short play if you ask me. The storyline is quite simple yet the meaning is deep. I suppose you know the reason why the title is like that. Mario comes home to Gloria and she asks him for money for their daughter, Tit. Mario confesses that he doesn’t have any money because he lost his Job, trying to bring home a filched apple for his daughter, because she asked for a delicious apple on one of the times that they went out. But he couldn’t buy them for her so he filched one from work and they caught him.

Remember that Mario doesn’t really have the est.. Track record. Mario: “Why? Did God create apple trees to bear fruit for the rich alone? Didn’t He create the whole world for everyone? That’s why I tried to bring the apple home for Tit. When we brought her into this world. We sort of promised her everything she had a right to have in life. ” Basically, it’s a story of a person trying to do good but then he slips up. And then comes a friend who says he can help Mario. That’s Pablo. His life is better than Mario. Mario is his partner in crime.

He spews a lot about earning next to nothing on a scent Job when Mario can go back to their old shady ways and can earn a lot. Gloria, however, isn’t like that. It’s like she’d rather be poor than rich because of dirty ways and dishonest money. Gloria was the one who turned Mario into someone good. And here comes the friend who wants him to be bad again, offering money for their sick child. And Mario? He didn’t really have a choice. He gave up on the good life and he goes with Pablo. He promises to be safe for Gloria. The play ends with Gloria crying and Tit cries with her. The whole play is sort of a morality thing.

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When one is trying to change for the better, here comes temptation and he give into it for his own reasons. He gives up on trying to be better because he thinks that he cannot do it and that he isn’t suited to live that kind of life. He ignores the pleas of his wife to try again because he’s already given up on himself. How can you help a person who doesn’t want any help? And then of course, there’s this friend who encourages and lures him to his old bad ways. And his wife? He doesn’t listen to her. Money is Just money for Pablo while for Gloria, there is a difference between honest money and dishonest money.