Often forgot to manifest respect and entail our minds with misconception from what we often hear from others. But these things mention aren’t the only factors that unknowingly deprives us of achieving peace, because when we talk of reaching peace there are a lot of things to be consider first and foremost. In the story of “Prang Sybil”, when Put Sara was taking a bath in the river, it was stated in the story that an American soldier of a high rank appeared and touched her that had caused for her to think of doing prang Sybil, wherein in the story it means vengeance for honor.

For her, it was the only way of regaining back her honor of being a woman and a Pangolin’s daughter and to attain inner peace, because in their religion loyalty is very crucial. As a woman, think to be mad and offended as what Put Sara had is only right, for her dignity of being a woman was disrespected and abducted, but to think of prang Sybil, I guess it would be very rough. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, don’t think we are supposed to live with these belief and doing. It is too much for a man who is never considered perfect. We all commit mistakes, UT we still live, because forgiveness exists.

Maybe for the situation of put Sara it’s never too easy to forgive and just accept everything, but time is abundant. Justice must not be put on our own hands but rather to the One above. She also had to take responsibility of her stubbornness, of being disobedient to her father. I wonder of how about if she accepts her own imperfections? I guess if she did, she could even have a happy life. Because what she gone through was only consequences from her hard-headiness, and in reality people really undergone several consequences to be able to earn and find true joy.

Even if the American soldier do not deserve forgiveness, still we don’t have the right to harm someone else only to satisfy ourselves and reach the success we thought of, because there is still conscience. Conscience would always run after us depriving us of being happy and having an inner peace. TO let go Of the hatred in our hearts and creating unforgettable memories instead would surely carry to us the feeling of unbounded fulfillment. In sensibility of the naked eye, to achieve happiness means to achieve peace.

Let bloodshed, exchange of bullets, terrorism, destruction be no one’s road of pertaining to achieve it. Countless of times we often hear from the mass media of such things due to conflicts, but did we ever once heard it had caused people, parties, colonies, races, etc. , gaining peace? Open our eyes, there’s none. No one. In order to enact peace, first and foremost we need to acquire peace within ourselves, we must see things positively and not the other way around. Secondly, if we were offended, aggrieved, we must always put to mind to forgive, not forcedly, but with willingness to.

We have to learn to accept. Third, we must take responsibility of our wrong deeds or flaws; we must face the consequences of being whom and what we did. Fourth, remove the misconceptions in everything. If something happened in the past, then time had passed. Not all wrong doing and perception remain the same. Lastly, live with hope. As one we have to dream, a dream that must not die, a dream to attain peace inside to be spread outside. Peace may approach slowly, but at least if we think of the future generation, by that time, change is attained and all are one through HIM.