Literature In Review Autosaved

The study that was done consisted of surveys and performance appraisals to evaluate the similarity between the two factors. The study was exploratory and does not imply causation.

The article is an interesting read because it attempts to look at a new factor when it comes to workplace stresses. Instead of reviewing the obvious negativity in the healthcare field it dives into looking at the optimism within the professionals in the field. The term peer reviewed pertaining to literature means of the utmost credibility. It means that scholars in the same field has reviewed the submitted information and collectively think that new information is of quality and substance. It means that the new information from the author peers is en as helpful to their field.

The term empirical research pertaining to literature means it is highly trusted and credible work. It also means that it is scientifically supported, not proven but supported. Found that these articles met the standards of empirical research by eliminating the studies that only considered solo subjects. I looked for the literature that included the narrative sections that are often found in empirical literature and made sure that checked off peer reviewed work as a prerequisite for the search.