Little Infinities

Lonely under the dome of stars and the striking moonlight, I gaze into the hollowness of pitch darkness. Lost in the midst of lurking shadows, nights without you is the circle of overwhelming gush of pain. Eons of time, wondering, painting the face of yours deep in my heart, your absence seems to shrink away the life of mine. Overtime am mirrored to your individuality, your skin, your eyes, your beautiful soul. Desperation of parting is as frustrating as being crippled, handicapped.

It is like organ damage. However, unlike peaceful death, it is tormenting, the pain is endless. Sacrifice they say is reaching the extremity of salvation, living for the betterment of other knitting hopes of creating a better world. But if I was to die over time and again in longing and desperation, would I be able to pacify my soul? If I was hungry for love, would my effort in keeping myself, forcing myself from keeping Off the most beautiful feeling console my heart? If the heart is aching for love, do I learn to deny it?

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Denial is for wrong doings and is love a petty brutal vice? Isn’t love a virtue that reflects the goodness in others? Isn’t love our life? Isn’t love a necessity that keeps us alive? Isn’t love a quench for a thirst of better life that makes you feel good about yourself , that which makes you feel beautiful? Don’t I deserve to feel beautiful, to be loved, to be part of someone soul, to love someone so passionately that it hurts? Don’t I deserve to be with her when my heart beats to the rhythm of her soul?

I learnt that hen my heart is voicing out for her company, I cannot console it anymore. I belong to the world and the world is wild. The world is free of wilderness of such vast extremity, that reaching out for her seems wild, passionate, longing, quenching, complete. I run with all the might and I see her in the distance, broken. I see her broken guarded by walls of pain. See that in the dark flame of love seemed to have wondered a part of her that loved me so passionately. Reminds me of pinks lyrics: ‘try” When there is desire, there is going

Be a flame when there is a flame Someone bound to get burnt, just because Because it burns doesn’t mean you are goanna’ die, you have to get up And try. Try mending the parts of her which lay open, fixing her, holding her with tape and glue, shaking off the pain that eats away her existence, for she deserves so much better. She is so much beautiful that she deserves so much better. She dottiest deserve pain. She deserves the love I have sealed in my heart because in the wilderness of the world, she is the Alpha and Omega of my being.