Live Performance Paper

I got there a little bit early, so could get a better seat than last time… Unfortunately that did not work out because it was pretty packed with people just kind of hanging out. To describe the place, it is kind of a narrow bar/coffee shop atmosphere; all the tables are very close together and a performing area in the back just big enough to fit a drum set, bass, keyboard, and a guy playing the trombone. Out of nowhere the guys that were performing just kind of appeared in front of their instruments and started playing.

This was a little different than the first time went because there seemed to be one of the guys that was clearly acting as the leader for he night and introduced everyone, but this time that was not the case. They just started playing with no introduction, just seemed less organized, but that’s k, it was just a jam session. The trombone playing a very soft and very slow solo that was very short started off Song #1, and then the bass and the drums jumped in to keep the beat. The drummer was tapping the high hat over and over, and then the keyboard started playing so accompanying melody very softly too.

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Out of nowhere the drums and bass started playing louder and much quicker and hen everybody dropped out except for the piano. His solo also started out very slow and soft, but quickly picked up the pace to a very smooth flowing sound. The drums and bass came back to help keep the time for the keyboard player. The most fun part of this song was the bass solo that was next; the drums being played very lightly accompanied him. The bass solo was exciting and fast and it was longer than I expected too.

They group seem to let him kind of really get in to what ever he was feeling he went fast at times and slow at times. Next, the whole group came together for a few seconds and the drummer took his turn on a very short solo, then all together again. When they came back together it slowed back down and the trombone took one final short solo and the song ended. Song#2, started all together, but the drummer and bassist was playing louder then the other two guys. The trombone started playing a solo that was very slow, the rest of the band was playing but very lightly.

This song had a very bluesy sound to it; the drums and the bass were keeping a very steady beat. Then the trombone really started playing with a full strong blaring mound, this solo was much longer and I could really feel the passion he had during this solo. Next, was a very short solo by the keyboard, followed by a short bass solo and a short drum solo too. This song really seemed to be all for the trombone, because they all came back together with the trombone playing up front, with a real slow, deliberate blues sound.

Song #3, started with the keyboard playing lightly, the bass, and the drummer doing this cool sound of tapping on the rim of the drum, and the trombone was playing very lightly too. Then the trombone started playing this really big airy sound that we haven’t heard until now, this quickly turned in to a very robust solo that lasted along time. The keyboard was camping the whole time doing a nice job of letting the trombone be the highlight of this song. The drums and bass started getting louder and louder and then they all dropped out and let the keyboard really get in to a really nice bouncy sounding solo that had me really bobbing my head.

Next, was a drum solo that lasted longer than expected, and he kept tapping something tat was vying a steel drum sound, it almost made me feel like I was listening to a South-American jazz song. He kind of goes crazy with the beat, he is all over the place. They all came back together with the trombone playing the lead and it quickly ended. Before Song #4 started, one of the guys stood up and tried to introduce the band, but seemed very shy and did not speak very loudly and I think he said the trombonist name was Even Winkle and could not hear the rest of the introductions.

When the song stared it went right in to a solo by the romaine for a few seconds, then they all came together with an almost danceable type of feel to the song. It was very light, but still had a good solid beat to it. The trombone was playing the melody with a lot of high and low notes, he was going back and fourth, this gave a very neat sound coming from the trombone. While the trombone was doing his thing the rest of the band was camping and keeping time, and the trombone kept getting louder and louder. When he was done the keyboard took over on a solo that was different, it had a swinging feel to it, with a lot of high and low notes too.

Next, the bass took his turn on a solo that was pretty long, he seemed like he just wanted to show off a little bit, and the solo was way different then the other solos. They all came back together for a few seconds, when the drummer and the trombone started going back and fourth doing changes a couple of times and then the piano and drums did changes a couple of times too, then it ended. In conclusion, even though it was the same venue I was very happy to have new instruments to listen too and hear how the musicians interpret what hey were feeling on this particular night at Tate Street Coffee.

There was also a lot more people in attendance this time, so it gave a different vibe. Felt the musicians were aware Of this and really brought their A games and really gave the audience a good show. When I watch these extremely talented musicians, it hard for me to pick out what is good music and what isn’t, they all seem to have this incredibility to do this magical thing in jazz called improvisation. After this class, am truly in awe of what jazz musicians do on a night to night basis and I a truly a fan for life.