Long Hour. Cosmetology

The first thing you need to do is to in roll in cosmetology school to learn about cosmetology as a career . You need to love it because it is a hard Job you will put in long hour. Cosmetology you will learn about hair, skin care and the product that you will be using and how to use it you need to know science and math. You learn how to mix colors this way you need to know science and math because you need how to magic the right amount. That because you need to know the different types or hair and what product to use we have different texture or hair.

This why I love cosmetology back when I was young girl it was call hair dresser and of my friend mother had her own beauty shop some time I would spend all day on the weekend at the shop she lets me help shampoo and blow dry hair at Ms. Mae beauty shop. Www. Owe. Com TON & CAYUGA. I use this website The Bureau notes a high school diploma or GEED is required by most perquisites for entering a cosmetology program more program take nine month two year to complete. Aspiring hairstylists should seek out programs that are licensed by the state in which they wish work.

The bureau suggests that prospective hairstylists research their before selecting at training program. Through progression and advancement you can also become a platform artist solon spa manger, attendance manufacturing consultant, artistic director, retail specialist, or even start you own business: Even esthetics’s have plenty of career options as a high demand for demand for skilled age Reducing professionals and kin care management. As an esthetics can: work with plastic, surgeons and dermatology do facial services, waxing and assisting spa and salon work business.