Emiliano Mercado del Toro was, at age 115, the world’s oldest person for six weeks,[1] and the world’s oldest man from November 19, 2004 until his own death on January 24, 2007. He is the oldest verified military veteran ever. Mercado also claimed that his sense of humor was probably responsible for his long life, and he would tell jokes and humorous anecdotes almost to the end of his days. This is a good example of longevity which refers to the number of years a person lives, longevity is a treasure sought since the beginning of humankind, knowing that life is one of the most valuable belongings people have.

Longevity is a controversial topic in many countries. I will talk about the advantages of increased longevity is can take care of their own families, because medical facilities can give human live longer also can also give they some energy than, give they continue working to help their family to make money to them. For example, talk about the oldest woman in Kazakhstan, why she wants to live longer? Because she wants to care their son and grandson to see them slow growth, every day is very happy. Second advantage is if human can live longer, is also people can develop new skills or start an entirely new career.

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On the other hand, I will talk about the disadvantages of longevity. A growing of both young and old can pose serious problems in the work force . For example, In Malaysia, nowadays, too many people, is still seeking too difficult for jobs and it is getting an economy slump dominating the whole world. Another disadvantage is that public health costs will increase because of the high demand for attention since If people live longer more time will have health care, and the health system will have to assist.

If the trend of increased life expectancy continues Its possible that many values ?? and institutions will change. It could not make sense to say “Till death do us part” or work as hard or rushing to have children at 30 years of age to have the best chance of a healthy and active life as they grow. With more time to live, things that are of vital importance will change . It is possible that people work less and wait longer to have children, two things that could harm the productivity of employees, and in general.

In conclussion, longevity is a topic which its posible to get out of it, there are hundreds of factors that affect the life of a person, knowing that is a topic for extensive research because it? s a highly sought treasure. There are a lot of medicines that can help but so far nothing significant. As for me I just want to tell you “Friends, healthy food , drinking lots of good water, no alcohol, staying positive and lots of singing will keep you alive for a long time.