LWFC Final Draft

Tit’s mother, Mama Elena, treats TIA like “a servant in her own home” (Ibsen 3). Mama Elena denies Tit’s marriage to Pedro because of socio sanctions. All throughout the novel, Mama Elena is seen as an authority figure ; this sets up the plot and background of the descriptive and meaningful story. Laura Sees quiver not only uses gender roles to create a background for the novel, but also magical realism. “Seville invites the reader to reassess conventional approaches to literature’ (Ibsen 3). Seville wrote this novel with women as the head Of the household.

Women are the authority figures. Seville portrays the women in the novel with ‘”mass cue line’ attributes such as strength and courage” (Ibsen 4). The underlying message of that is powerful. Seville reassures the reader that women can have “masculine” trait TTS, just as men can have “feminine” traits such as: sensitivity and compassion. Seville d epic’s Mama Elena as a strengthened and strict character; she depicts Pedro as moor e of a 2 softened, sweet, and submissive character. Pedro does everything Mama El Ana says even though he is in love with TIA.

But bayou really want to get married, allow w me to suggest my daughter Rosary” (Seville 13). Pedro agrees to this offer even t Hough he has sworn his love to TIA. “Mama Elena had ‘asked’ Pedro to stop praising the meals” (Seville 69). “I think it would be best if she went to live with my cousin in San Antonio, with her husband and little boy. ” (Seville 80). Pedro will submit to anything Mama Elena even if it means being torn apart from the love of his life. Seville also uses magical realism to set the plot of the story.

She uses element nets of magical realism such as: exhibiting a richness of sensory details, using gym bolls and imagery extensively, and leaving opened conclusions. Seville exhibits a r iciness of sensory details when she describes the food, and the preparation of the food. Also, the food that TIA cooks contains the feelings she felt while making the food. For e example, when Tit’s sister was getting married to Pedro, TIA had to make their weeding g cake. While TIA was making the cake, TIA was heartbroken. She felt sorrow and pap n. The moment they took their first bite of cake, everyone was flooded with a great wave of longing. ” (Seville 39). Another instance where this happened was when Cert. radius ate the quail in rose petal sauce that TIA made. Before TIA started preparing the food, she and Pedro went star watching. After their “date”, TIA was filled with love. She was filled with an undying fire. Which explains what Gertrude felt after she ate the quail In rose petal sauce. “Her body was giving off so much heat that the wooden walls beg an to split and burst into flame. ” (Seville 54).

Tit’s love for Pedro was so intense that w hen Gertrude ate the food her body literally let off an enormous amount of heat, and sweat 3 with a rose scent. Gertrude’ rose scented sweat attracted a man on horseback k, and they rode off together. Seville wrote this novel in a parodied manner, mimicking the e Spanish American canon which portrays men as main characters and authority figures of the house. This novel portrays the woman as the head of the house. The gender r oleos and elements of magical realism play an important role in creating a background and plot for the novel.