Major Works of World (non-Western) Literature

Greek epic poem written by Homer about rage of protagonist Achilles who upset about Agamemnon’s demand for his war prize the maiden Briseis; dies at end of story when shot in heel by poisoned arrow

Greek epic poem written by Homer about long journey of protagonist Odyssey, who has not returned home after 10 years of fall of Troy because imprisoned by nymph Calypso. Zeus sends goddess Athena to rescue him. At end of story he returns to palace in Ithaca and wife Queen Penelope after winning contest of stringing bow and fire and killing wife’s suitors.

An epic poem by Virgil chronicling the adventures of the Trojan prince Aeneas that portrayed the Roman ideals of duty, piety and faithfulness; Aeneas was the ancestor of Romulus; Trojans’ victorious war upon Latins by Aeneas and his followers