Man who understood that for a Health Care Business to succeed

Dr. Joe is a man who understood that for a Health Care Business to succeed, his goal to provide care for people who could not afford health insurances must include his management earning enough for the business to sustain operation and continue growth.

It should have the essential balance of achieving its main goal of providing security, in terms of health care, to the people they serve; avoiding any conflicts with political giants that may cause a lethal avalanche to their business; ensure a smooth relationship with suppliers or any groups it has agreement with; And target to putting people ahead of technology as there is an apparent path leading to that direction.

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An essential balance of the above can only be accomplished by creating organizations that will individually and separately focus on these things – thus Dr. Joe’s creation of these 3 organizations.

As they say, an era has ended.  He has victoriously finished his term as the Chief Executive Officer of Viturvian Physician Partners (VPP), and we are now to welcome Dr. Durra as he replaces him.  As Dr. Joe hoped, but not so much accomplished, Dr. Durra will lead us to a different approach.

Having one of the key competencies of “Determining key business issues and forces for change and applying that knowledge to performance improvement strategies” (Rothwell, 2001, p.21), We will respond to the current needs of the people we cater service to and in consideration to where we stand compared to other companies of the same line of business.

As we welcome this major change, let’s expect an inevitable domino effect.  Fact is we are behind in the race for technological advancement amongst Health Care Companies.  In a world where consumers use flying cars, we sell horses and camels.

Because of this, wise as Dr. Joe is, he chose for us the man best suited for the job.  As this may entail changes in our organizational structure and strategies, it is all to address the ever changing need of people with a bonus of being economically at par with other companies and eventually increasing the revenue of VPP.

As for the rest of us, “teaching and learning is essential for organizational change to occur.  They help individuals face the fear of taking in new challenges” (Jacobson, 2000, p.4).  So we don’t have to worry about coping with the changes that will take place.  Rather, let us work hand in hand to learn what’s needed and apply what’s necessary to be better than what we are now, and eventually the best among everyone.


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