Margaret Are You Drug

Margaret Are You Drug George Cataracts, “Margaret Are You Drug”, is an excellent example of a colloquial poem. The term “colloquial” simply is a poem that has a style so informal, it gives the readers a feeling the speaker is having a casual talk with his subject, in this case Margaret. The speaker, in this case, comes across as one apathetic drug user who talks to another (Margaret or “Magma”) about his attitude towards premature drug- induced death. By incorporating the colloquial characteristics of slang, free verse, ND rhyme, poet Startups effectively humiliates the drug culture.

The first most prominent colloquial quality of the poem is the use of slang. Slang as stated in the Merriam Webster Dictionary is ‘an informal nonstandard vocabulary… ‘ George Cataracts use of slang makes this poem stand out as being colloquial. The reader predicts that the speaker and the subject the speaker is talking to are both high due to the use of slang. Some of the slang statements said were, ‘sure it’s a drag, ‘all the Rene flaked out’, ‘and they’ll be changing the color of bread ‘, ‘seventieth years’, and ‘smashes’.

These phrases used are informal when talking to one another and are considered slang and colloquial. His use of slang also contributes towards the quality of free verse. Another prominent colloquial quality of this poem is how the poem is a free verse. Free verse is a colloquial quality of a poem and as stated as, in the Merriam Webster Dictionary, Verse whose meter is irregular in some respect or hose rhythm is not metrical’. One way this poem is a free verse is that he capitalized words that were not pronouns or in the beginning of the line, like ‘chick’ and ‘kid’.

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The poet’s use of free verse also shows in the format and wording used. The rhythm of this poem is very out of beat as it states nothing informative for the reader. The poem being a free verse, gives room for the last aspect, rhyme, which adds to the colloquial quality of the poem. Lastly, rhyme, is another one of the colloquial qualities found in this poem. In my opinion, rhyming is usually colloquial because people usually don’t create lyrics to a rap song while talking to someone.

Cataracts use of rhyme isn’t thoroughly used, due to its free verse, but is used in each ‘stanza’. Most poems you would think about would have two words rhyming every line or every other line, but in this case the last two words rhyme at the end. The rhyming words in this poem are “Magma and ‘drag, ‘Chick and ‘panic’, ‘Kid’ and ‘did” and “leaves’ and ‘Smashes”. Even though rhyming isn’t used thoroughly in this poem the poem has a ensue of being colloquial given that most of the rhymes are slang words.

As it may stand out “Margaret Are You Drug” is a great example of a colloquial poem. Its aspects of having slang, free verse, and rhyme really gives the true meaning of informal speech in poetry. The poem really didn’t have a topic but was short and sweet with its informal characteristics. All in all, the poem was a great poem and the first poem I know of that is really colloquial. I look forward to reading more of George Cataracts poems because of the informal speech used in this poem.