Mary her smarts and charm to the maximum.

Mary Lindley Murray, a fifty-year-old American housewife to a British loyalist, neither stepped onto a battlefield nor declared fidelity to the American cause, but, regardless, still chipped away at the British boulder in her own way. Mary, unlike other women of that time, didn’t carry a water pitcher or sew clothing for army members battling against hypothermia, but she successfully used immutable intelligent and female charm to win the American Revolution.  General Israel Putnam and his American troops around Mary’s house faced imprisonment by British soldiers and General William Howe, so Mary Murray used her husband’s British loyalty and her known British appearance to delude Howe and his ten thousand troops into false pretenses. Mary’s innocent offer of refreshments and company let Putnam and his men escape the British troop’s incoming grasp. The intelligence and potential peril Mary Lindley Murray awarded the American cause on September 16, 1776, not only resulted with success but was imperative for the population of the Continental Army to remain at its best so they could literally close in their enemies for the conclusion of the American Revolution.     Without Mary’s quick-thinking, intelligent brain, she could of never single-handedly devised a plan to save five thousand American patriots. General William Howe had one goal: to stop General Putnam’s route and capture those soldiers as prisoners, and Howe was only half a mile away from the Continental Army when Mary stepped in. Mary, know was known as a British loyalist, used that to trick Howe into staying with his men in the company of her and her daughters. She told Howe that Putnam was too far away, so he believed her and he stayed with his ten thousand men in Kip’s Bay. For one fifty-year-old woman, it would have taken a lot of intelligence to use her British cover and trick General Howe. Howe only had one goal, and he was only a half a mile away, so Mary applied her smarts and charm to the maximum. People didn’t live as long then, so Mary’s aging mind would’ve been a setback, but her intelligence persevered and got Howe to stay.     Many people believe that Mary Lindley Murray was a British loyalist, but that can’t possibly be true. Many researchers believe that it was an accident that Mary kept Howe busy because she never officially declared American allegiance, but with the extraordinary effect of her actions, that can’t possibly be true. This great of an effect can’t be a coincidence.     The potential peril Mary placed on America’s shoulders was heavy, but it all paid off in the end. If General Howe would have caught onto Mary’s plan, Howe could’ve hurried his troops around and captured Putnam’s troops. If that would have happened, then the already small Continental Army (about 48,000 people) would’ve had a population of five thousand less, which would have been a little more than ten percent decrease within just a few hours. America won the American Revolution by literally blocking General Cornwallis in, and George Washington used those New York troops to build that barrier. If the New York troops were about percent less (if considering those same men were still in the army), than they would have been a skimpy barrier, if one at all, so Cornwallis could’ve escaped defeat that way. That didn’t happen because of Mary Murray’s plan to fool General Howe. The potential danger of her plan was great, but it eventually won the American Revolution.    One event with such a big effect on the war couldn’t have been an accident. Also, the Daughters of the American Revolution awarded Mary Lindley Murray with a Revolutionary War honor plaque in New York to show and honor Mary’s efforts in the war. Those plaques aren’t tossed around lightly, so Mary had to have been a true war hero, not a British loyalist, to earn one.Mary Lindley Murray was an American patriot that took the victory of the war out of Britain’s hand by delaying General Howe on September 16, 1776. That left General Putnam troops to escape and block in General Cornwallis to end the war. Mary used her intelligence to win the American Revolution, even though she did add some potential peril. Without the heroic efforts of Mary Lindley Murray, Americans could be drinking tea with their pinkies out.