Mastering Graduate

Few people really think deeply about their purpose in fife and transcend the “doing’ Of life and explore the “being’ of life. A “doing’ life focuses on tasks, whereas a “being” life focuses on values. A “doing’ life focuses on the needs of today and hopes good will come tomorrow. While being faithful to today, the “being’ life takes intentional steps toward a preferred future, not wasting a moment, but developing the skills and talents for the path ahead. As long as our heads are down and we just do life, many times, we never stop to ponder our overall purpose. A graduate degree will move you beyond what you do to who you are.

Academic and Career Path Making a living and having a life are not the same thing. Making a living and making a life that’s worthwhile are not the same thing. Living the good life and living a good life are not the same thing. A job title doesn’t even come close to answering the question, ‘What do you do? ” (Fulcrum, 1991). Find Your Purpose To find your purpose is to break the bonds of contentment with the status quo and embark on a journey of discovery. It is not dwelling on circumstances and inadequacies, but taking stock of your gifts, talents, and passions and making a firm plan on how you will change the world.

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This may not be accomplished overnight. It is a decision to begin a journey of discovery fraught with success and failure, all making you settle into a deep resolve of what your purpose is and staying faithful to that purpose, no matter what comes your way. Goal Setting For Measured Success This journey of discovery will never happen if there is no clear direction. There is no sense of accomplishment if there is no way to measure progress. You need to look at where you are now and begin setting some goals. Goals are not always reached, but they provide a direction by which you move forward.

The value of goals is o give something to look forward to, as well as provide the continuum on which to evaluate your progress along the way. 2 Figure 1 is a basic plan to begin goal development. You need short-range and language goals. Short-range goals are the “small wins” that keep you motivated in the process of pursuing the long-range goals. For simplicity’s sake, goals can be broken down into four major areas: Personal Goals Spiritual Professional Moral Purpose Figure 1 1. Personal Goals – What do you want to become, and what steps must you take to get there? 2. Repressions Goals – What do you want to be, tot just do, in your career? 3. Spiritual Goals ; What are some spiritual components that you would like to develop? GU is dedicated to providing an environment connecting faith and learning. 4. Moral Goals – There is a great need for unwavering integrity today. What are some character-forming and integrity-affirming goals or practices for which you want to be known? One of the distinctive elements that sets GAL. apart from many other universities is the added component of spiritual goals. To find out more about Cuss commitment to its Christian heritage, visit the Spiritual Life page t GU. Du. From live chat, to Gall’s doctrinal statement, and even streaming weekly chapel services to your computer, you can find a wealth Of information to encourage you and keep you connected and grounded in faith. These resources are available to guide and strengthen the spiritual goals you are setting, because they play a part in finding your purpose. Us port Systems This educational journey is not meant to be accomplished independently. There is a need to enlist and maintain a support system to keep you accountable as well as give you guidance and encouragement.

A support system is the genealogy, relationships, and networks that are woven together to strengthen the educational experience and promote professional growth. F you have a family, it is recommended that you find a way to make them part of your education. When the family takes ownership of 3 Chapter 1 ; the process and result, there is a shared sense of accomplishment upon completion. Ideally, for each of the four previously mentioned goal areas, you should identify a person who can coach and encourage you through the process.

Just as it is easier to climb a mountain with someone who has ascended it before, knowing money who has been where you are heading is a great help and encouragement. The mentor or mentors in your life will make all the difference as they reveal to you the preferred future that you desire but have yet to experience. They will bring you to where they are, and you can seek new horizons with the shared experience. Program of Study The career goal is the destination, but there has The intentionality required for further education to be a planned career path to get there. A career helps to focus on the final goal.