Math Paper

There are many formulas that a dietician uses but they are all written down in a clinical notebook and do not need to be memorized. The notebook is like a cheat sheet, making everything easier to calculate. In order to become a dietician they must have knowledge and classes in algebra, geometry and statistics. You also need calculus, trigonometry, and so on. Intertwined with mathematical classes, you have science classes, both used together in this field of study. Dietitians use math skills frequently to calculate the amount of calories a patient needs, along with the amount of fluid, vitamin, and electrolyte’s required.

A dietitian calculates the patient nutritional requirements, along with analyzing the nutritional content of specific foods required percentages. Most importantly they conduct mathematical research and perform calculations on specific patients and their problems. In conclusion, in order to become a dietitian one must take many mathematic and scientific classes. Being a dietitian also requires the ability to apply the mathematics learned in college to the actual job. Coming from someone who enjoys mathematics and interacting with people, I am excited to graduate college and become a dietitian.