MC Essay

This essay is divided into two main parts, the former will analyze the brand touch point of the Philippines, the latter will be the critical discussion about the efficiency of the social media based campaign in relation to the Brand Touch Points with reference to the first part analysis. Before analyzing Brand Touch Points of Philippines, the definition is that points of interaction between the company and the stakeholders both externally and internally The Brand Touch Points can be some planned marketing com animation activities like advertising, sales promotion and public relations.

They can also be some unplanned items, for instance, the service experience and Internet reviews C). There are numerous Of first Brand TOUCh points Of Philippines, I would categorize them into 3 stages, they are pre-purchase, purchase experience and post-purchase stage accordingly. 1. Pre-purchase Stage First and foremost, the social media is one of the most crucial Brand Touch Points in the Philippines happens in pre-purchase stage. According to the Tony Harris, the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign, which is highly media based and it initiated form the social media.

The new logo and the new lines introduced on 6th January 2012 and in the online social media platforms, for instance, Twitter, Faceable and blobs created more than 40000 crowd-sourced examples with the washrag. Other than social media platforms, the applications on smartened like Apple, Android also did the job as the Brand Touch Point. It provides information about Philippines and creates the interaction between travelers, for example, the meme-maker, people got incentive to create and share mess in this campaign.

Media are Brand Touch Point of Philippines without question because it aught a lot of awareness of internet users attention and provided interaction which possibly generate the purchase incentives and information about the brand, which in this case, Philippines. Even so, print advertising, as a traditional media also a Brand Touch Point. According to a well-known Australian magazine, there is a vibrant, eye catchy printed ad provided in the year 2013. Figurer. 0 2013 Travel Weekly Australia On the other hand, the Philippines Department Of Tourism also held an exhibition, this is under the Public Relations category. . Purchase Experience Stage Moving to the second stage purchasing experience, Brand Touch Point including the packaging of the product, the promotion or deals are within the scope. According to the Coo entry Report, Philippines economy was chasing after most South East Asian countries and hence the purchase power is relatively lower. Affordable travel package within Philippines is definitely a Brand Touch Point for local to explore their own beautiful country and catch their awareness. Although, someone would also raise the increase of luxury tourism in

Philippines, comparatively, the expanding scope and speed of budget travel still overwhelmed the luxury tourism, a good evidence is the Raffles and Fairmont, a luxury hotels operator which opened its first outlets in a city in Philippines however the Tunes Hotels, the budget hotel chain, expanded 3 more branches already in 2012. With reference to the real life evidence, budget travel and deals Were Some more outstanding Brand Points this essay would highlight more. It can contact with not only international travelers but also local budgeted travelers. 3. Post-purchase Stage

In the last stage out of 3 1 have mentioned that I would put focus on, is the post-purchase stage. In this stage Brand Touch Points mostly are the product quality in this case. However, product quality means the quality of the experience that travelers spent in the Philippines and the atmosphere in the country including the attitude of the local Filipinos towards tourists from all over the world. For example, if the local people from Philippines were warmly welcoming the travelers they would create positive impression towards this brand and it can possibly build up the brand loyalty.

With reference to “It’s more fun in the Philippines” (Harris, 2006), the Brand Touch Point, local people’s attitudes were “warm, friendly, welcoming and genuine” and they enjoy with strangers openly even for the first sight (Countrywoman, 2000). All this positivist are actually Brand Touch Points which displayed and represented the brand and product owing to the messages of this campaign were deep rooted in Filipinos heart. A lot of people would suggest the classic marketing Brand Touch Points like the paid media and advertising, no question they are still crucial Brand Touch Points.

Alternatively, consumer-driven Touch Point as the local people attitude towards tourists although very subtle, in my opinion it is more effective and get more directly contact of the brand with the customers. Next, it is observed that in Trip reviewing website like Trepidation, travelers were willing to leave positive comments and expressed the willingness to repurchase. This can be also known as Word-Of-Mouth (WHOM), which participated as brand loyalty in this case. Another Brand Touch Point is the product, especially its quality, where product” in this case refers to the natural landscapes, resorts and so on.

With reference to Tony Harris, a lot of natural landscape in Philippines got highly voted in Trepidations, for instance, Barclay won the “Best Beach in Asia by Trepidation” title and the Underground River in Palatal won the “New World’s Seven Wonders of Nature”. The quality product got global glory from websites that is very crucial for global audience to get awareness of it and build up the positive impression. Figurer. This chart shows the importance of WHOM and online research during pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase stages.

After mentioning all the above analysis that focused on the Brand Touch Point Analysis, without further ado, this essay is moving onto the next main part, which is the efficiency about the media based campaign in relation to the Brand Touch Point mentioned in the previous part. First and foremost, I have identified social media platforms for instance Faceable and Twitter played crucial in the media based campaigns. In the transformation to Web 3. 0, according to Eric Smith, the CEO of Google, new media like applications “that are distributed virally will be increasingly important’ (Schmidt, 2007).

In my opinion they have very high efficiency because they have very large audience coverage in Philippines. With referenced to “It’s more fun in the Philippines” (Harris, 2006), landscapes of Philippines won some global glories for example, in Trepidation, it caught travelers from all over the world got to know the product (landscapes) and its strength, also, they learnt from other people’s positive reviews which would highly affect customers” brand decision (refers to Figurer), overseas visitors number increased by 16% afterwards.

In other words, it is like a bridge, which sakes audience an opportunity to engage and contact with the Brand Touch Point. Participants shared and made their own comments above the content about Philippines tourism and its attractiveness. Also, the promotion of the product, which is some affordable airfares and deals took place in the Philippines is also efficient because according to the statistics, resulted in an increase in inbound arrivals and outbound departures in the Philippines during 201 2 (Refers to Figurer).

Overall, with reference to an academic journal on interactive advertising (Martin, et al, 01 0), this media based campaign could increase the brand engagements in different social media platforms and consumers can be connected by the brand, which is Philippines. They also socialize with the brand offering and a viral sensibility. They would build a community that may favor the brand loyalty efficiently. Figurer. Showing the increasing number in inbound and outbound numbers.