Medicare Program in Canada

Many articles have been written about the medicare program in Canada. It’s a real intense topic in Canada today. This brief essay is based on the costs of medicare , an introduction to the medicare program, and if our country Canada can afford the medicare program.

Each province supports a medicare program. The medicare plans were started in 1961-1962. Canada has a highest common financed, privately delivered health care system that is best descibed as an interlocking set of ten provincial provinces and three territorial health insurnace plans, which is known to Canadians as “medicare”. This system provides access to common, wide coverage for medically necessary hospital, in-patyient and out-patient physician services.

Each province is individually responsible for management and delivery of health services. Canada’s health care system relies mainly on primary care physicians (eg. general practitioners), who account for about 51% of all active physicians in Canada. When canadians need medical care, in most instances, they go to the physician or clinic of their choice and show the health insurance card that is given to all elgible residents of a province. Canadians do not pay immediately for insured hospital and physicians services, nor are they required to fill out forms for insured services.

There are no deductibles, co-payments or dollar limits on coverage for insured services. Dentists, for example, work independantly of the health care system, except where in-hospital dental surgery is required while nurses are usually employed in the hospital sector. They also provide community health care including home care and public health services.